<p>Hi, I just joined this website. </p>

<p>Is anyone else really worried that Columbia might take away your admissions based on grades? Does anyone know how Columbia checks up on you? I began to be really terrified after my excitement</p>

<p>Try not to get anything worse than B's. Unless you've got several C's, nobody is going to think about revoking your admission.</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply. That saved me a lot of heartache. I think I'll manage just fine if the minimum is a B. Only class I was really worried about was Latin.</p>

<p>Everyone talks about admissions being revoked for letting their grades slip a bit (i.e., B's and even a C or two). I've never even heard gossip that it ACTUALLY happened to anyone at any school.</p>

<p>what if you are more of a B average student to start with?....</p>

<p>good question</p>

<p>Don't fail any classes. Do you think you're really going to get more than a couple C's? I wouldn't worry about it at all.</p>

<p>According to my guidance counselor, Stanford has actually sent out letters to early admits saying that they were "worried" about their first semester grades, but has never actually revoked admission. She has no knowledge of any other school ever doing this. Since my high school is literally across the street from Stanford, I consider this reliable information. I wouldn't worry though...I'd be lying if I said my grades weren't slipping a bit now that I know I'm in.</p>

<p>a little anecdote also from a teacher i know:</p>

<p>a kid got into harvard early. he stopped going to class the second semester. in june harvard sends him a letter saying that "because you were absent for the last semester, we believe you should take another one." i don't think he was rejected, but ending with four solid years of high school is a good thing.</p>

<p>avoid the extremes and we'll see you next year.</p>

<p>Someone from my school had their early acceptance to Columbia withdrawn a couple years back...it's not unheard of. but he dropped out of all his IB classes (more or less the international equivalent of AP) second semester. anyways not a good deal he had to emergency apply to the local uni and went there instead.</p>

<p>Are you sure this isn't an urban legend going around your school? You never know what really happened -- maybe there was some sort of an academic dishonesty issue there.</p>

<p>Urban legend? I think not...it was told to me by my counselor... like "congratulations you got in, you have an easy year from here on...just don't drop out of all your advanced classes because a guy a couple years ago...blah blah blah"
Dropping out of all your advanced classes is not a good idea.</p>

<p>well like columbia 2002 said dont go for the extremes and we should be fine =p.</p>

<p>You'd have to really screw up. I knew about a kid who had a rough quarter and managed to just barely fail an elective english class. Ending up on academic probation to start college. Shot across the bow, that's all.</p>