Worst dressed: when ugly AND expensive meet

We haven’t posted here in a while Try this out!


Louis Vuitton at Salk Institute last night.
H and I walked to Gliderport the other night and saw them setting up for an event at Salk, but had no idea it was a fashion show. I don’t love a lot of the clothes, but the venue is wonderful!

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At least it still has the red soles!

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Wait, this isn’t a shoe in a bag - it’s a shoe as a bag?!


That’s a big what were they thinking!

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Looks like they were trying to protect the boots from rain with a random ugly bag.

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So…Seattle rain gear?


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I can’t make out what it says – This is not a xxxxx bag. What’s the word??

Totally stupid.

It says “this is not a Gucci bag”

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Well, I can carry “not a Gucci bag” for a hell of a lot less than $3,200.


This isn’t a wearable- its just stupid and overpriced. L'Objet Haas Butts Up Box, Matcha/Gold - Bergdorf Goodman

here’s what it looks like:

Good grief. It’s just a tchotchke.


Isn’t this an after shower towel wrap?

For $595?? Someone must want this thing. Not sure who. Not my taste, for sure. Here’s a side view. :rofl:

OOOhh the white one is on sale at Bergdorf’s! Buy two! L'Objet Haas White & Gold Butts Up Box - Bergdorf Goodman

That thing also popped up
On my feed yesterday. Couldn’t figure out what it was!

Another “what the heck is this?” gem

Here’s a link to the dress so you can see the other photos. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0B7Y113QZ?ie=UTF8&refinements=p_89%3APeter%2BDundas&sr=1-13&qid=1685620360&ref_=sr_1_13_lx_bd&th=1

I wonder what kind of underwear you wear under this thing.

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