Worst dressed: when ugly AND expensive meet


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Oooh… I’ve gotta run out and get one of those for my son’s rehearsal dinner. Just Kidding - got a nice respectable dress :wink:

Pretty obvious the blonde in the dress on the balcony is not wearing anything underneath


Well, it does actually cover all of her nether regions. I’m still not sure how they got my picture wearing that dress :wink:

No emoji really fit my reaction…but I’d be impressed.

Sold out, so it does not have a price - I don’t think it is that expensive - just very silly

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It looks like a poorly made piñata! I think it was about $100-150 based on what other pieces by this designer are listed for. I wouldn’t pay even $5 for this!

Dolce and Gabbana always have something for this thread!


:laughing: looks like a wearable tribble?

I think it looks like It from the Adams Family TV show.

snap-snap :wink:

Re: Dolce and Gabbana boot…if you take away the pointed toe part, it looks similar to what used to be fashionable apres ski boots…perhaps in the '70s or so.


I had to think about that for a moment. Then “heard” Snap-snap in my head from the Adams family. And bingo!

I knew somebody would get it :wink:

another interesting purse

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Wowza!! So silly! The SA demonstrating the bag is having a lot of fun!! :laughing:

Actually, I think it’s adorable! Ridiculously priced for what is basically a joke, but it’s cute.

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DIdn’t Al Franken get in trouble for this? And the second one… just…. no.

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The first one reminds me of Beyonce’s bodysuit from her recent tour: