Would I get into buffalo?

If I finished on an upward trend and finished my high school career between a 84-87 overall would I be an ok candidate for u buffalo. What sat score should I aim for?

I have a 78 overall gpa at the end of sophomore year I did the math if I got straight 100s I could get a 91 overall but I don’t think that’s realistic so I think I will finish with a 84-87

I got nearly straight 80s until this semester I got a 93 overall so if I keeps this up am I a strong candidate

Yes, gradewise, you are in the ballpark. Need the test scores too. But you are getting there. Great recovery! Hard to do, i know.

Admitted student profile is here: https://admissions.buffalo.edu/apply/admissioncriteria.php
Or you can google the common data set for the school and check section C.

So if I have between an 85-87 will I have a shot or is this school just for people with 91-96 I’m probably going to get between a 91-96 junior year will that help me get in

Will they take in to consideration that i have upward trends and I fit there profile junior year ( the most important year)

Or not

If someone can please answer this respectfully, thank you

Yes, gradewise, you are in the ballpark. Need the test scores too. But you are getting there. Great recovery! Hard to do, i know.

You have to give people time to respond. Posting every 2-5 minutes expecting an immediate answer is unrealistic. It takes people longer than that to formulate and type a thoughtful response.

@baller37 What do you mean by answer respectfully? Did you look at the link on my reply? If you did you will see that the 2018 Admitted Profile is ACT: 25-30 SAT (CR+M): 1190-1350 GPA: 91-96

Other than providing those stats there isn’t much anyone can tell you. My gut feeling is that since your GPA is somewhat below average (although an upward trend is certainly good) that you should aim for standardized tests in the high end of the average.

Some of us are simply busy when you’re posting. I realize this matters to you, but I was finishing up my report cards. That matters to me, to the kids I teach, and to my principal.

A number of people have given you the best answers their crystal balls can offer. The reality is that no one can promise you that you’ll get in. So you’ll need backups. And backups to your backups.

As to what score to aim for, that’s easy: the best scores you can achieve.

So, respectfully: breathe. Apply to SUNY Buffalo— and to a bunch of other SUNYs. Keep your grades up.

Let’s say I finish high school with a 86 overall 1250 sat and mostly mid 90s junior year do I have a decent shot

I have 2 sons who applied to UB, but this was for admission in 2015 and 2017, so it’s probably more competitive now. Both were accepted, bit both chose to go elsewhere.

DS15 had an 89 a average, and an 1170 on his SAT.

DS17 had a 95 average, and a 1340 on the SAT.

You’re in the ballpark of my older son, but I’m not sure how much the class profile has changed since 2015…

Well the average is 90 -96 but would they make an exception for a student who really picked up his grades late sophomore junior year which would make me obviously have a lower overall gpa

Have you looked at the 1st and 3rd quartile results for Buffalo? They’re readily available… two minutes on google and you’ll have your answer.

That does answer my sat score question but as far as gpa would they except lower than average

No one here knows. It’s all going to depend on who else applies. That’s why the numbers vary a little from one year to the next. They accept the best of the candidates they get each year.

Well I found a website called niche and basically it goes by numbers and it has this thing called a chances calculator and it says plenty of students got in with my average and a lot more even lower got into ub should I trust this website