would i have a hard time at HSC?

<p>everyone says you have to be a certain kind of person to like HSC. from what i hear, i fit that mold. I am from Charleston, SC and went to a southern boarding school, so i am from the south, well dressed, well mannered, love the outdoors and George Bush. except im not white. its never been a problem for me, i was the only person who wasnt white growing up, i did get teased in a friendly for this, but it never bothered me at all, i thought it was funny. im aware that HSC is a pretty "traditional" place, would i have a problem fitting in there? thanks</p>

<p>nope I don't think so. did you visit?</p>

<p>Racism is high in H-S. Many friends with black boyfriends there have commented on the abuse their boyfriends receive from the fratty white HS boys.</p>

<p>His question was not about dating.</p>

<p>I believe that TigersRule said that the president of '09 was black.</p>

<p>Your friends go to H-SC complain that their black boyfriends get harrassed?</p>

<p>So your friends are gay men dating gay black men?</p>

<p>I think you are a troll- there are no women to be dating "black men" that get harassed at H-SC</p>

<p>I am a parent of a young man considering HSC. My experience is extremely limited but we attended a prospective student day last fall. Our tour guide was black. The president was black. Both seemed very happy and comfortable there.</p>

<p>I was very impressed with the president. He went out of his way to welcome and include a group of African American young men who had come as a group from their high school. When the uniform of the day was khakis and button downs, these young men were wearing athletic pants and jerseys. He made sure they felt comfortable and included.</p>

<p>Honestly I don't think you would, although a visit and some pointed questions to the right people would certainly ease your worries. However, be aware HSC is #4 on Princeton Review's "Alternative Lifestyles Not an Alternative" list.</p>