Would it be possible for me to go into elite boarding schools?

I’m in 7th grade right now. Currently it’s only been 2 quarters since I moved to an international school (I’m an international student in Korea).

Since last month, I’ve dreamed of going into elite boarding schools like Lawrenceville, Exeter, and St. Pauls. Currently, I’m participating in MUN and have played the cello for about 4~5 years. However, I have not gone out to any (competition should I call it?) that I got rewards from for playing the cello. Furthermore, I have not yet received any awards from MUN conferences…Until now, I have participated in only 2 conferences (cuz it’s my first year trying MUN) and MUN is a bit hard for me …:frowning:

And my grades…BEFORE I decided that I want to go to these boarding schools, my grades in Quarter 1 in grade 7 were 7 A’s and 2 B’s. But…the subjects that I received B’s on are English an d and elective course (digital storytelling). On Quarter 2 I grades dropped. I received 5 A’s and 4 B’s. The subjects that I go B’s on were English, Digital Storytelling, PE, Korean Social Studies (Other then English the other subjects are considered as elective courses). It’s Quarter 3 right now and I’m trying my best. I’m not sure what my grades will be…

For TOEFL and SSAT, I am studying for it. Right now, I’m working on TOEFL (aiming on 110/120) and I’m planning to study SSAT during summer (aiming 97%).

My dream school is Lawrenceville School, but for Exeter and St.Pauls I have a relative who has graduated those schools. My aunt graduated from St. Pauls and graduated MIT. My another (really really far) relative graduates Exeter and now is a CEO of quite a large funding company in Korea. Furthermore, this relative’s wife is a daughter of the largest newspaper company in Korea. I’ve heard having Legacy really helps. I think my aunt will count as a legacy, but I’m not sure if the relative that graduated from Exeter will count as my legacy.

In addition, I have made my own website that I write things about what I learned about biology. My passion is biology and I love studying biology. I research and study biology whenever I have time, and that’s what the website is over. Also, in order to show my joyfulness of playing the cello, I’m trying to make some multi-track videos and was mayyybeeee planning to even make a music piece myself (even though it won’t be good obviously). Also, I’m currently planning to start on a non-profit organization with a friend about the use of plastics because I really am interested in the seriousness of climate change and willing to make a change.

I’m extremely ambitious to get into these boarding schools. I do not play any sports (I used to…but now I don’t). But I am ok in swimming so I was planning on joining the swim team in grade 8.

Anyways…do I have the slightest chance of getting into top 20 boarding schools…?

You will need a high SSAT score as the applicant pool from Korea is quite competitive–especially at St. Paul’s School.

If you achieve an SSAT score of 94 or higher, then I think that you will be competitive for admission to all 3 schools.

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Of course it’s possible.

However, you should think about why you want to go to these particular boarding schools. If it is only so that you can say that you are at an “elite” boarding school, that’s not good.

Think about what each of these schools offer that you cannot get where you currently are. Think about what you really want in a school (other than name recognition). Look up boarding schools that also offer these things, but have a higher acceptance rate.

For each top 20 school that you apply to, also apply to one of these higher acceptance rate schools. Not only will you increase the odds of getting accepted into a school, but your research will better prepare you for interviews and potentially improve your essays - because you will have a clearer idea of why you are applying.

(Sorry, this was intended to be a reply to @ivy014 .)

I cannot chance you well (at least until m10), but I can offer some advice.

  • Get a very good SSAT/ISEE score
  • Essays and interviews are very important
  • Keep in contact with your interviewer (if possible)
  • Apply to “lower-ranked” and hidden gem schools. There are schools you may like better than Exeter
  • Keep your grades high and don’t start slacking

This is really all I can say until I see where I get in with my stats/ecs on Wednesday.

yea. i thought taft had a minimum ssat of 50%ile

Did those posts just get removed for you as well? Because I can’t see them anymore. Maybe it’s a glitch on my end?

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