Would Steinhardt advise that you were accepted artistically but not academically?

<p>Does Steinhardt adivse applicants that they were good enough to be accepted there but they did not make it academically?</p>

<p>I'm going to say no.</p>

<p>Perhaps you can talk to the head of the department that reviewed you artistically and perhaps they will give you some imput. From there you might be able to gather what might have happened. But NYU won't say you were accepted academically and not creatively or vice versa. I think that admissions always has the final say. The way it was explained at an info session, is that the apps come in to admisssions and are reviewed academically. The ones that "pass" a preliminary academic screening are forward to the various departments that requrie auditions/ portfolios. These department heads will give their assessments back to admissions who will then forward back their final decision. In some cases there may be some back and forth/ push and pull, but in the end admissions has the last call. Also, the assesment made by the department head may take into account academics. as well. I don't think there is a decision made on either end that is purely based on artistic merits.</p>