Wow talking to the receptionist in admission has really turned me off about Bentley

<p>Currently weighing the options between Babson and Bentley, getting answers much less answers without attitude from this woman was an awful experience.</p>

<p>Trying not to let it inform my opinion of the school in general, but I’m transferring from a community college with a notoriously awful administrative staff. Part of my motivation for applying to smaller schools was to hopefully improve on that.</p>

<p>For any students on the board, how is the administration generally perceived by the student body?</p>

<p>When I went to visit, nobody at Bentley seemed happy and none of the tour guides (maybe one, but certainly not mine) had positive energy. They were really dry and boring. The admission receptionists weren't anything special. I had the exact opposite experience at Babson. Everyone was happy, many conversations were going on between people and the presentations were amazing as well as the tour. Babson is my #1 choice.</p>

<p>Sounds like you guys were just unlucky. When I visited for the first time in April, my tour guide was very cheery and was more than happy to answers any questions that we had. When I went to the Open House in October, all of the students seemed happy to be there, and they made me feel at home. Can't wait to hear back from them in January.</p>

<p>I went for two overnight visits with the field hockey team so I got a pretty inside look and everyone seemed like they loved the school and all the staff I met were more than happy to answer questions and do what they could to help. I also looked at Babson and got the same response, but it is a little too small for me. Bentley is the perfect size!</p>