WPI decision date

My daughter has applied WPI as Early Action. She got an e-mail on 8th Dec that We’re thrilled you think WPI may be the place for you! Keep an eye on your [student portal ] your admissions decision will be available soon.

Any idea on the decision date?

It’s tomorrow at 5pm, I think they posted it on their Facebook page or Twitter.
My daughter is waiting to hear from them too.
Good Luck to your daughter.

Thank you for the wishes and wish you the same

son is waiting to hear EA as well, we checked his portal twice today already!

My daughter got acceptance with Presidential scholarship. Hope same thing with you all…

Congratulations on your daughter’s acceptance and accompanying merit money. Care to share your D’s profile and amount of award?

Looks like they were just released a bit ago. My daughter was just accepted with a Presidential Scholarship as well.

Congrats to all.

SAT - 1520
Might be top in the class
Decent ECs.
$32500 scholarship (might be due to RPI Rensselaer Medal. WPI matched the award).

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