WPI RD Response - Class of 2024

Does anyone have news on the Regular Decision admissions response date from WPI?

Their website says 3/15/20.

But no decision posted yet, and no emails saying when a decision will be released.

Same here. Waiting for the email. Has anybody gotten an answer?
ED was released at 5pm so it should be out by now, shouldn’t it?

It should be. Maybe they have a delay caused by COVID19, but if so they should send an email about it.

Yeah. Still no decision. And no email to say why.

WPI Admissions FaceBook page says RD decisions will be given on 3/20 at 5PM eastern.

My wife called the office of admissions at WPI and they confirmed the decision will be released on Friday 20th.

I emailed the admissions office and they said it would be released on March 31.

For WPI latest COVID-19 updates see https://www.wpi.edu/news/coronavirus?utm_source=marketing_cloud_email&utm_medium=March_17_2020&utm_campaign=UA_1877486&utm_mc_suscriber_id=13124295

I emailed and received no response.

Looks like different people are getting different answers.

I don’t see any mention of admissions decisions on the COVID-19 page?

Try e-mailing from this address: https://fs28.formsite.com/webteamwpiedu/ask-a-question/index.html?1574342514661

Received delayed email reply stating that decisions will be released the first week of April.

Not sure what to think at this point

Go with latest e-mail. Evidently that was the latest discussion at a point in time. Yes, thanks to COVID-19 there is, no doubt, a lot of discussion underway regarding processing. EG: are they working out of their homes? I do not know.

I want to believe that we are getting them today since it is what was stated in the official email they sent.

@greent103 the person who wrote that delayed answer might be using reverse psychology or using irony as humor.

Again, I want to believe what I’m saying.

They posted on their Twitter yesterday. It’s coming out today at 5pm EST. Good luck to all of you!

Good luck, everyone.

DS waitlisted: the decision came out around 1:45 West Coast time

DS wait listed:
GPA .95 wtd, sat 1500, act 34
Frankly surprised/disappointed.

Accepted International.
4.0 GPA, 1480 SAT (800 Math 680 ERW), 780 Math II, 33 ACT.
I didn’t receive the best FA package so might not attend.

My son accepted.

He did not get a full financial package, but is looking good,
excellent merit scholarship,