WTH, it's only 11:01 PM and the application process has ended?!

<p>WHAT THE. I WAS JUST ABOUT TO TURN IN MY APPLICATION. OMG. I have called so many times and email but no one is answering me! :(</p>

<p>What states are you from? The Gates is going by Eastern time. Therefore it be 11 P.M. where it is central time zone. & It ends much earlier if you are on the west coast. I am sorry that you wrote your essays and everything and didn't get the chance to submit ):</p>

<p>I'm in CA! Omg, I am so stupid............ Got home late today so just when I was about to send it in it ended....</p>

<p>Yeah, right now it is 2:20 A.M. at Washington D.C. & I know how tough it was to write those essays....</p>

<p>I live in louisiana .I was finishing an essay at 11:40 when it just logged me out due to time and kept it that way. I just stared at the computer for the longest time:(</p>

<p>Thanks, Yen! I appreciate it! Think I'm gonna go cry out somewhere in the corner now haha...........</p>

<p>roxyandjack: My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I saw that the application process has ended and that I couldn't log in...</p>

<p>Okay, as a parent of a Gates Scholar from 4 years ago, I really need to ask all of you why on earth did you wiat till the last minute to submit? You have known about this scholarship and the way it can change your life, yet you thought to wait? What were you doing yesterday? How about last week, or over winter break.Look within yourself, and if you can't submit a timely app that you KNEW was due, then you probably don't deserve it.</p>

<p>I think the OP has learned not to procrastinate, and has probably been given a speech by her/his parents about it. I don't think an extra person being so harsh is necessary.</p>

<p>neuroscience1234: Thank you. I have taken this experience as a great lesson.
GA2012MOM: I'm a high school student. I have a lot of stuff to do. Sports, clubs, classes. I'm sure you would know considering you're a parent of a Gates Scholar. I didn't know about the Eastern Time thing (heck I don't even know what it was until this Gates experience). Why do you seem so angry when I'm not in any way related to you? And I'm going to assume that since you register to be on CC, then you must care enough to involve yourself in your child's education and has helped him/her to succeed. My mom works all day and night and doesn't know English very well, so I'm left to do things (and to find scholarships like Gates) on my own. I ended up finding Gates late and so didn't get "all the time in the world" to submit my app. I admit I was quite angered by your post, which is why I have chosen to reply at a later date in order to produce a calmer response.</p>