Xavier University (Ohio)

Right now my son is leaning toward Xavier University. He wants to double major in Business and Computer Science. Have some questions:

  1. What is your experience with the Business department and the Computer Science Major?

  2. Are there internships available during all four years at Xavier? Does the university set those up?

  3. How is the Career Center for students who are ready to graduate from Xavier?

  4. What is the party scene like? I know there are not any fraternities/sororities.

  5. Do students tend to venture out to Cincinnati on the weekends? Head to a game or concert?

  6. My son is from the Northeast so nervous it may be a suitcase school. Do kids tend to stay around on the weekend?

  7. Are there any “close” places to ski/snowboard?

  8. How are the academic advisors? How many students are in the largest class?

We will be attending one of the road events next weekend. We are pretty excited he is seriously considering Xavier because three months ago he thought it was too far. We visited June 2021 and really were impressed.


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I don’t know Xavier, but @4kids4us posted on another thread that they have a student there. Maybe they can help. Good luck on the decision!

ETA: Never mind,
I see that they were replying to you! Apologies!

I don’t go to Xavier, but I live in Cincy so I can answer a few of your questions.
4. Low/Medium
Some students go over to the UC campus for fun, but it’s not the best. There’s definitely some, but not much.

  1. Yes, pretty commonly. Cincinnati is the epitome of a medium-sized city. Big enough to have fun amenities, but not too big to where it’s overwhelming.

  2. Usually. I don’t really have much else to say about this.

  3. There’s a place about a 45-minute drive away in Indiana called Perfect North Ski Slopes that’s okay. Other than that, not much.