Yale Admissions Fall 2022

Applying regular decision to Yale in 2022? This is the spot for the future class of 2026 to connect with other Yale applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

How do your application stats compare to the students accepted last year? Check out the chart below and then share your stats, activities and more.

Yale 2021 Admissions Statistics
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 94%
Admissions Test Policy Test scores are considered and required
Applicants Submitting SATs 70%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 46%
Waitlist Yes

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Is there another Yale SCEA thread for this year out there? It seems very quiet! Did many people apply early this year? Get an interview? Am I even posting in the right place?

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Sorry! Just realized this was RD.

tell me if you find one, because i can’t seem to either!

Daughter applied RD and was just contacted today for an interview this week! We are in California.

Same here my daughter applied RD and just got contacted today, we are in D.C. area.

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We are in TX. No interviews yet.

Anyone here gets their colleague invitation to Yale yet in West coast (AZ) ?
My girl applies for regular cycle, and has not yet hear anything … and it is going into March .
She applied for Regular cycle -

Yale decisions (along with all other Ivy decisions) will go out on March 31st.

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My daughter just had her Yale interview this weekend. Seems super late in the process, but her school didn’t submit fall grades until mid-February. Hoping she still has a chance! Anyone else have interviews this late?

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I am pretty certain they wouldn’t have given her the interview if there was no chance.


I was offered an interview this afternoon (Bay Area)! I had figured the window for interviews had passed, but at least I know now that they haven’t rejected me yet haha. If anyone has any tips, please reply!!

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I posted earlier today asking about this as well - my daughter had her interview yesterday, and was happily surprised!


No interview for my DS22 in IL… Did any of you have the Financial Aid date changed to March? Just curious…

Where do I check that information? No interview for my DD either.

First of all, did your DD apply for FA? Click button “Financial Aid Checklist” is next to the Admission Checklist. Are you located in IL too?

TX. No dates were updated in the Financial Aid Checklist.

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