Yale-NUS College Class of 2022

I know it’s way too early for admissions decisions, but I wanted to hear about fellow applicants who are interested and seriously considering enrolling in Yale-NUS’s Class of 2022 should they receive an acceptance!

I am an international applicant. Specifically interested in Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences major (although I understand the admissions are not based on your declared major). For what it is worth, I have written about my work as an intern in a startup and how it motivated me to look for a computing program located in a LAC, in one of my essays. SAT I 1480 (M780, EBRW700), SAT Subject Math 2 800, Physics 760 – all single sitting. Good academics and decent ECs (nothing stellar though). I believe my essays are good, but the lack of strong ECs and the absence of national/international representation or achievement worries me. I absolutely have no clue as to where I stand. Appreciate if other applicants can share their profiles.

Seriously considering it too. I’m an average candidate thought so not sure what will happen. Good luck!

Hi all! As you know, Round 1 applications for the Academic Year 2018-19 will close on Monday, 15th January 2017.

This thread is for those whom have applied to the school and are awaiting their shortlist interview and those who got in via Round 1 and 2 application!

Feel free to discuss your grades and results!

Best wishes!

DS applied through Yale application and got interview invitation yesterday. Anyone else getting invite yet? Seems earlier compare to last year.

@bogeyorpar Yes, it appears earlier this year. I applied direct, and the R1 deadline is 15th Jan. Please share interview experience.

Hey, another international student here. I have a question. How long was your ‘Quick Tack’ on commonapp?

Pretty sure I used up to the limit for most of my quick takes

International Applicant. Potential majors include Global Affairs or Urban Studies, and an Independent Minor in Chinese Studies. Extensive experience in Southeast Asia including an internship this past summer in SG. I’m very involved with journalism and photography and work as a freelance photographer for several local companies. Good academics (GPA>4.0) with good AP Scores from last year (2 5’s and a 4), and am currently taking 4 AP courses. ACT 33. Other interests include Mandarin, and I have extensive volunteer experience working with agriculture (organic farming, food sourcing, and sustainable landscape design.) Incredibly excited by the prospect of living in Singapore and using it as a jumping off point for the rest of my career. Hope this helps, and wishing you all the best!

Anyone have any idea on Yale-NUS’s financial aid policy? They keep asking son to complete the financial aid form. But what is the cut-off line? How much earning is too much for financial aid?

@bogeyorpar Yale-NUS awards need-blind merit scholarships and need-based financial aid. From what I understand from last year CC thread, they ask all applicants who get short listed for the interview. While I can guess how they might decide their merit scholarships, it is not clear how they decide their financial aid. All the best for your son’s interview. Appreciate if you could share his stats and interview experience. Thanks!

@india2018, his interview experience is good, but different from other US College’s interview experience. He interviewed with an assistant director of admissions. The interviewer was very nice and very precise on time. It started right on the clock, and finished in exactly 30 minutes. The other US College interviews were more flexible on time, many lasted 45min to an hour, and the longest extended to almost two hours. Interview questions were exactly like those described in last year’s Yale-NUS thread, such as why Yale-NUS? Your favorite subject in school? Your favorite EC? What one thing do you want to change to your school? etc. Very straightforward, no curve balls.


@bogeyorpar Thanks! This is very useful.

Hi guys, when they say the applications close on 15th Jan 2018, do they mean 2359 on the 14th or 15th of January?

I was wondering how many people get shortlisted in each round?

Most sources say it’s 20% but I’m not perfectly sure…

Is the deadline 23.59 on Jan 15 or is it calculated according to EST? Thanks!

If you use Common App, it says the time is based on your local time. So don’t worry about EST or PST, it is the 11:59PM on 1/15 at you local timezone.

The technical deadline is 12pm in your timezone. However if the timezone of the university that you are applying to is different- you have a short window of submitting the application a few hours later, because the time of the application submission is recorded in EST.