Yale-NUS College Class of 2023

I know it’s a long time until admissions decisions, but I wanted to create this discussion for prospective students at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. To learn more about Yale-NUS, visit https://yale-nus.edu.sg

Hi seniors! I was wondering if you need super good CCA/leadership to get in (a la competitive colleges in the US)? And if getting accepted is as tough or maybe even tougher than Yale as the acceptance rate suggests?

Also what made you guys choose Yale-NUS over the US (if you guys applied to both)?

Hello! I wonder if you have ever found someone who is average in their score (school and SAT), but still got accepted to YaleNUS?

Hello! I’m really nervous about applications and getting in. Here are my stats:

ACT: 31
Unweighted GPA: 3.94/4
AP: Physics, Calc AB, Lit, Bio
Honors: Econ
IB: Art

I don’t do extra curriculars in school, but I do brazilian jiujitsu after school quite actively. I have a loooot of community service hours ~400 for the last two years because I volunteered with the red cross. I moved to the US six months ago due to family issues, but I’m a Singapore citizen. I guess I’m looking for my way back home! I have awards for leadership and service as well. My actual results are only available in May for AP. I don’t feel good about my chances and I’m sooo nervous and shaky! Thank yall for reading xx

I love Singapore, after living in the US I found that Singapore offered much more diverse and unique culture than I could ever hope to find, so I chose Yale-NUS. :))

current freshman right here! I can answer some of your questions, feel free to message me!

Hello @sghkg8 ! I guess my question would be pretty much the same like the one I posted before. Have you ever found someone with low or average SAT and academic score who got into YaleNUS? How important do you think academic score played role in the admission process?

@msnerdyyy YES! I am an example of a person who got into Yale-NUS with average high school (3.51/4) and decent ACT (31/36) scores. I am definitely not the only one in the school with average or perhaps lower scores, that being said there are plenty of students with high scores. The courses at the school can get rigorous so scores do matter to a certain extent, but the school really emphasizes bringing in different perspectives to the college. Therefore, I think admissions are more interested in the journey of a student instead of numbers on a piece of a certificate.

hey, another current freshman here! (sup @sghkg8 :v:) @msnerdyyy seconding everything said above - acads do matter but they’re not a be all end all, there’s quite a number of people here who did just alright! I’m Singaporean and I did the A levels and my grades were BBB/A (3H2 1H1), so it’s not like they require straight As. They definitely have a holistic admissions approach so if you feel your grades aren’t that good, don’t fret!

Thank you so much @sghkg8 and @achilleees!!! :smiley: Somehow it gives me hope! YaleNUS is currently my top choice but I think from my question you can notice that my academic is definitely not a strong part in my application. So, thank you so much for those information. If you have any general tips on how I could make my application better, it would be greatly appreciated! :wink:

@msnerdyyy imho there’s 2 things are super important to constantly keep in mind! 1) Make sure it’s very clear how you’re a good fit for ync! If you look at the YNC admissions website, or check out the brochure, there’s definitely a page that talks about the kind of student they’re looking for. Make sure your application shows how you’re this kind of a student. If they ask for outgoing students make sure your teacher recommendations or your own essays show how you’re outgoing! etc etc for all the different qualities they have listed. In fact I’d advise you highlight these qualities to your teachers who are writing your recommendation, so that they can write about instances where you displayed those qualities in class. All of this will help show that you’re the kind of a person they’re looking for!

  1. Make sure you show just how interested you are in ync! You’ve said it’s your first choice (which is great!) but you have to make sure they can tell that you really love this school as well! One of my college admissions counselor told me to talk about how I’d come down to the campus a few times in my “why yale nus” essay which I thought was a great tip. I also mentioned how I could imagine myself living in the suites, or having discussions in the sky gardens etc. During my interview I talked about how ync was the perfect school for me and how I was so interested in it and that it had been my dream school for several years at that point.

I think both these aspects really helped boost my application even though my academics weren’t that strong, so I hope this helps!

Did anyone receive emails about interview? When did you apply and when did you receive that letter?

I haven’t received any email yet. Then again, I submitted my application on 30th December. How about everyone else? I am nervous after the admissions’ page’s post on Instagram.

I was shortlisted. I applied on December 18.

what are the chances for me if I am from a US high school but am a canadian citizen? I have nearly perfect stats and some good extracurriculars and found YNC via Yale. It seems like a pretty cool place from what I’ve researched but the acceptance rate is intimidating, even though my sat is above the 75th percentile.

hDoes anyone know How long it will be until I get an interview notification? I applied Dec 28 but just submitted my why YNC Essay.

Did anyone else receive emails about interviews? I submitted my app on 2ndd January with Yale app.

I applied via Yale CommonApp 01/03 but I didn’t submit my tests scores until 01/10. I haven’t had any interview emails either.

I submitted my application 01/02 and received an email on 01/15 telling me I was shortlisted for an interview. Does anyone have any advice for Yale-NUS interviews? Mine is scheduled for this Thursday.

Guys can you chance me
Citizenship: Indian
EC’s: district level badminton. President of a national civic club, director of an asia wide cultural club(I was the director for just my district though). Won in state level drama competitions. Participated and won in many marathons and cyclothons. Developed a late fee billing system for the school library. Member of the school prefect council. Won in 2 MUN’s(1 state level and 1 international) and chaired a committee in one.
Yale-NUS ESSAY: 7.5/10
Common App essay:8/10
Counsellors recommendation:6/10
Teacher reco letter 1: 10/10
Teacher reco letter 2: 7/10
Yale-NUS is my top choice and I cannot imagine myself studying anywhere else