Yale Waitlists 2017

<p>Just hoping to start a thread for any fellow wait-listed applicants!</p>

<p>Where else were you accepted/where will you be going?
Are you accepting your spot on Yale's WL?</p>

<p>Fingers crossed a few of us get lucky in late May/June!</p>

<p>I got accepted at College of William and Mary, so I will probably be going there. I did accept a spot on the waitlist though just in case. It’s been my dream to attend a great school like Yale so this is definitely bumming me out a little.</p>

<p>I accepted to stay on the waitlist too. idk really where I want to go (other than Yale obviously). I could get a full ride from an ROTC scholarship at U Mich, U Wash, or Boston U, but I got accepted from Columbia and would really like to go there, but the cost might be a problem :confused: I’m hoping the fact that an ROTC scholarship could pay my entire Yale tuition might help me in the waitlist choosing. How much does it suck to be put on a waitlist? You’re neither in nor out. But fingers still crossed!</p>

<p>Totally agree. It’s just more waiting!
I accepted my place on the waitlist–Yale’s always been my #1 choice. But currently deciding between UChicago and Stanford. I’ll be going to their respective admit weekends so hopefully that’ll help with the decision.</p>

<p>Accepted my spot on the waitlist too… I’m currently deciding between columbia/princeton/georgetown sfs, but yale has always been my absolute dream school so I couldn’t refuse the spot on the wl, even though I realize how low my chances are (once again).</p>

<p>Accepted my spot on waitlist. Yale is my number 1 priority of all the universities. Does anyone know how Yale contacts international students who are admitted from waitlist. For the U.S citizens they call but not sure about international.</p>

<p>gunner: i don’t know the specifics but please be assured that Yale would use any and every method to contact a student who is accepted off the WL, international or domestic.</p>

<p>They’d use the full range of options until they reached you – including even calling you at your school during school hours.</p>

<p>(same thing with Brown, by the way)</p>

<p>hmm … I was waitlisted not by Yale; however, by Yale-NUS… They waitlisted 120 students from round II when they accepted about 50… I somehow am shocked… acccept= 50 and waitlist =100??/</p>

<p>Thanks T26E4. Are you on the Yale waiting list too?</p>

<p>^ T26E4 is an alum who interviews for Yale.</p>

<p>I’ve accepted my place on the waitlist too… Yale is 100% my first choice but as it stands at the minute i’m off to UChicago.</p>

<p>hi daughter also waitlisted Yale-NUS! how did you find out only 50 sent acceptance letters? Any inside on the 3rd round?</p>

<p>is anyone sending in any additional materials?</p>

<p>I got rejected straight up by Yale-NUS. Man, I’m so nervous about these next couple of weeks!</p>

<p>mchen013: I got rejected too from Yale-NUS but they have a very small class so chances of getting in there are very low too. Which country are you from?</p>

<p>Haha I’m from America. I really hope I get the call from Yale. I would cry, pee, and yell all at the same time!</p>

<p>Oh right. Which program have you applied for. I really hope so too.</p>

<p>My major is computer science if that was what you were asking lol. I think I’m going to minor in business and psychology too!</p>


<p>Yale has no minors and no business degrees so you may have college options already that better meet your interests.</p>

<p>Anyone want to start hypothesizing how many people will get off the waitlist this year?</p>