YAY!!! International Post 4? :)

<p>Finally!! A thread for international students!
Hi everyone... esp CC-ers who have been on this board since last year</p>

<p>Intros please, and where are you studying now? </p>

<p>I'm from Malaysia, and currently studying in Yale!</p>

<p>However, I don't like the fact that I have only 'one' post in my profile.... I wish there was some way where we could have our old post counts...</p>


<p>I'm from India. I remember seeing you on them international posts. I'm class of '09 tho. </p>

<p>Yale must be awesome!!</p>

<p>Hey, I'm from China. I plan to go to yale as well.</p>

<p>I took the SAT I last Saturday. The verbal is hard as usual. I'm just wishing to have a 800M. Probably only 550-600V. Is this too low for yale?</p>

<p>ahh!! A section for international students!!! This is soooo great, thanks sooo much CC!!!! Well I am from Germany and applying for fall 2005 at colleges mainly in California (UC's, USC, CSU's...)!</p>

<p>Yeah, a place for internationals was long in coming</p>

it's probably too low. not only will it severely affect your chances of getting in, but the work here demands something higher than that. a lot of colleges are not very fond of higher Math scores and low Verbal scores that internationals/non-native speakers get... </p>

<p>hi foreigngirl!haven't seen you in ages (or maybe I have not been here for ages!)</p>

<p>hi astrix!! yup, i remember you on one of the international posts i think... where else are you applying to?</p>

<p>One thing great about this new look is that it gives you a count of how many people read this thread, and how many people posted on it.... </p>

<p>So, I wanna hear everyone's responses here! There are 102 views but only 6 posts...</p>

<p>Hi! :)</p>

<p>I'm applying to LACs, class of 2009!</p>

<p>Hi all!</p>

<p>Internationals unite! Anyway, I'm from an island (er...province XP), Newfoundland, in Canada. I wasn't considering the US before, but I'm pretty into it now. I'm applying to Washington University in St. Louis, Caltech, and MIT, as well as a whole bunch of Canadian schools. Hope to get to know everyone better...and perhaps panic together :)</p>

<p>Zhuyiron: Awesome, I was born in Nanjing! Haven't been back since I was four though; maybe next summer.</p>

<p>I'm applying Washington U in St Louis too. I've been there once. The campus is very beautiful. I like a city that is not too big such as St Louis.</p>

<p>While I was studying as an exchange student in the US, I was qualified to take the USA Math Olympiad. It is said this will significantly increase my chance. Are there any safe schools for me?</p>

<p>'sup guys. I am from Bangladesh and couldn't agree with u more - this international students section thing has been a long time coming, and with all of our efforts, I am sure we are going to make it a success.
Congratulations Upandover it's always encouraging too see intls. in Yale, btw do you know Taieef Rahman, he is also class of '08 in Yale and from Bangladesh.</p>

<p>Well.. sorta... I know who he is.. but we don't really talk or anything...</p>

<p>Hi, guys! I'm from China, but currently residing in the U.S. I'm applying to Columbia E.D.</p>

<p>I'm surprised I'm the only one from India :P</p>

<p>Hi everyone...
Nice to know that now they have a forum for international students. I'm an Indonesian, currently studying in Singapore. For my uni application, I'll apply early to Princeton and 6 other unis and LACs for regular decision... Am applying for the Asian Freeman Scholarships at Wesleyan also...
How's everyone else doing? Busy with the early application? =)
All the best for everyone ya...</p>

<p>You're not alone astrix. Another Indian. I was thinking of applying to Yale too, but decided on UPenn instead. I'm keeping my Ivy League apps limited to one cuz' I actually woudn't mind going to a small college. Swarthmore seems amazing, but since its really selective, I have hardly any hopes of getting in. But its nice to dream.</p>

<p>Is anyone here applying to any liberal arts colleges? Everybody seems to be just talking about the Ivys.</p>

<p>Hey, I'm applying to Swarthmore as well!! It's an amazing school.</p>

<p>Hey there upandover! Wow, you're really at YALE huh..I've never really talked/chatted wid anybody in any ivy league school..well perhaps the fact that i live in a small town here in the UAE (Alain) would explain why.. hey, i guess the middle east would come under the URM wat d'u say? Actually, im applyin to a couple of ivies too.. EA to Harvard..really hope dat i get in!!
my stats arent dat great, esp my SAT IIs..</p>

<p>maths level1C 700
writin- 710
chem- 730</p>

<p>i can explain chem, cuz im a commerce student n hav studied chem only for 8 months frm the skool!!! plus, the SAT II maths syllabus differs greatly frm the IGCSE and AS..(wat im takin)</p>

<p>i took my SAT I oct 9, waitin for results..fingers crossed of course :)</p>

<p>well, my gpa would b around 3.8/4.0 considering my IGCSE( 9th n 10th) results :</p>

<p>Maths A* (70% independent study)
English A* (60% IS)
Chem A* (95% indpendent study)
Business Studies A* (95% IS)
Economics A* (100% IS)
Accounting A* (95% IS)
Environmental Management A* (60% IS)
Urdu A* (100% IS)</p>

<p>the reason u see all those %s is cuz i took my exams early..i mean, IGCSE is a 3 yr course, i took leave frm skool after a year(grade9) n went about studyin on my own n completed the course within 2 yrs..</p>

<p>Im takin A levels right now, will write boards next year,and projected grades are perfect As in all 5 subjects.. im takin the most rigorous course offered.. n studyin economics and statistics independently..
as for my ECs..there r quite many..i wudnt list all, i kno it gets tedious readin em!
debate, extempore, creative/expository writin(Esp poetry), published writer(freelance), acting (drama plus mono), henna designin (yup its quite an art!), web and graphics designin, part time tutorin-chem, maths, eng, urdu, accounts and business studies, henna application in local salons, inter skool badminton champion...</p>

<p>awards/accolades: certificate of honor every trimester in each subject, ceritificate of merit every year (9 thru 11) for outstandin academic achievement; most versatile pupil award winner (2 yrs), school board exams topper.(perfect grades), best play award yr 2002 (grade 10)-wrote, directed and acted in the play.</p>

<p>i wanted to take APs..but hell, they clash wid my A level boards timing; besides, ive been told that AP and A levels are considered equivalent..d'u guys agree??</p>

<p>okay, so i can speak arabic and urdu apart frm english (yeah i kno its bad, but ive never been to a school dat offered any foreign lang except arabic!)</p>

<p>hmm..wat else wud b relevent? i cant think of anythin rite now... hey, upandover, wud u plz list ur stats? i mean, wat d'u personally think u had in ur application dat helped u get in :)
good luck everybody!

<p>i totally forgot to mention, im frm Kashmir..yup the disputed land.. Got a pakistani passport though!
and i liv in the Middle East, (UAE)(almost born here..moved when i was 2 months!)..belong to a low income family..(so im def gonna need finaid!!)</p>