Yes I’m Going to UTK - Class of 2024

I’m going to give this a try. I figured it would be a good thread that differs from the ‘decisions’ thread which is more about being accepted rather than committed. And differs from housing thread which is about specific discussion topic.

Post here if you (student) or your child (parent) has committed to go to UTK. Include where you are from just to get an idea where we are geographically. Post here on topics like orientation registration, Ignite program, accepted student day, move-in day logistics, etc etc.

My son committed earlier this week. We are from southeast Pennsylvania. We just registered for orientation this morning. June 29-30. Son is looking to do one of the outdoors ignite programs but is still deciding which one. He will be studying nuclear engineering and minoring in applied music (bassoon). Looks like he also will be doing Pride of the Southland Band (assuming he passed audition (that would be tenor sax).

My wife and I will be coming to for the family program for orientation as well. She hasn’t been there yet.

From front page of website: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will transition to online classes following spring break through at least April 3. Campus events are canceled March 16 to April 5.

I suspect this will be re-evaluated as April 3 approaches to determine if this will be extended. Hopefully this burns itself out prior to the beginning of orientations in May or the Ignite programs.

It appears that summer orientations have been canceled per the chancellor at the tail end of a facebook livestream. Not a very good way of dropping that bomb. Hopefully more info will be disseminated in a more formal fashion soon.