Yield this year?

Now that every school knows exactly who will come in September, has any school published its yield rate rather than admission rate?

I have the assumption that yields will be lower outside of the tippy top schools, but can’t confirm one way or the other.

Other than Thacher, which has not provided an update, I am unaware of any school that does publish. Although some may tell you if asked. And it’s simple arithmetic for anyone who wants to work the numbers.

I have to disagree. Since only the schools know how many will enroll, only they can calculate yield.

Absent an enormous change in admissions strategy the student body size does not change from year to year. Yes, the numbers will not be exact, but it gives some directionality.

Only a few more enrolled will change the yield quite a bit. I think PA had 10 plus enrolled more than expected not too long ago. That’s more than 5% impact on yield.

Check your math.

Regardless, I said it would be directional, not that it would be better exact. And if the school does not publicize yield, assumptions need to be made when doing the math; it’s not quantum physics. :grin:

Not exactly.

380 spots, 447 offers, yield estimate: 85%

390 accepted offers, 447 offers, actual yield: 87%.

Where are you getting 380 spots?

Was just illustrating the approx. math.

I was thinking more like for 250 seats, they admitted 294 for an expected yield of 85%. If overenrolled by 15 ppl it will be a 5% increase. I was thinking along the line of 200 freshmen and 50 sophomores. Maybe it’ll be 300 instead of 250, but yeah the numbers will be close.

The numbers from DA already proved that a 5% increase is very likely.

Now I’m interested in seeing how the second tier schools will fare. Many of the 2022 applicants will also want to know for sure.

The target number is ~340.

And here’s the more specific data from that PA FAQ:

“Every year, more than 200 new ninth graders, or juniors, begin their journey at Andover. They are joined by an average of 85 new peers in the 10th grade, or lower year, and 20-25 new 11th graders, or uppers. A total of 30-35 new seniors and postgraduates round out the graduating class.”