You know you have a daughter when:

<p>You know all the characters on the OC and Laguna Beach
You have 20 different shampoos in the shower
You can tell from a single eyeroll how annoying you as mommy are
You can't decide whether swimsuit or jean shopping is more traumatic
You can really bond over looking at Nordstrom Shoes
You have mastered the art out of getting information about "stuff" from their friends by "looking" the cool mom</p>

<p>LOL! I feel like such a failure of a teenage daughter now...I'm the girl who...</p>

<p>...doesn't watch television
...uses one shampoo and one conditioner, and that's it more traumatized by swimsuit/jean shopping than her mother
...sees shoe-shopping as a necessary evil such a huge dork that she has no "stuff" that her mom could possibly find out about.</p>

<p>I do roll my eyes, though--I guess 1 out of 6 ain't bad? :D</p>

<p>^ Ha, I think we'd get along. </p>

<p>Never seen OC or Laguna Beach
1 shampoo, thankyouverymuch
Relatively conservative dresser
Never even heard of Nordstrom shoes
My friends like my mum for being her sweet self</p>

<p>But I, too, role my eyes. Yess!!</p>

<p>Okay you have to go to Nordstroms or Macys and just play in the shoe department, see shoes are great cause they always fit!!</p>

<p>I like my trusty Puma Roma sneakers. When they get worn out I just order a new pair online--same model, different color stripe. It all works out. The only other shoes I wear semi-regularly are plain black flats, and comfortable flip-flops in the summer.</p>

<p>(Actually, I've no trouble finding cute shoes--it's cute shoes without heels that are a problem. I have a half-hour walk home from school in the afternoon. I'm also 5'6, and have, erm...balance issues. I can't wear three-inch stilettoes!)</p>

<p>citygirlsmom, you described me and my mom's relationship perfectly.</p>

<p>well my D is glued to the tv Olympics- other than that her fave show is Lost which I am not allowed to watch, apparently because I drool a little too much over Naveen Andrews.
Other D doesn't have a tv at college- I do think she occasionally rents DVDs but the only ones I have seen her watch are the West Wing.( poor kid- her feet are so little she can't even wear womens shoes has to wear kids sizing- you should see her snow boots!)
Nordstroms of course we know- I shopped there when it was Nordstrom Best- but I like zappos- Nordstroms is too expensive for what you get unless you go to their sales- which of course I used to do religiously until i realized i was buying crap I didn't want or need.</p>

<p>D is blessed with a perfect swimsuit body- at least she is built like the girls in the catalogs which is where again she buys her suits.
I actually am ok with that, because then I can check out what they look like before she orders, otherwise if I just give her money to go shopping? I don't know what she will come home with.
( I don't buy many swimsuits- I have to remember to do it in March when they have the best selection, because if I wait till June I am SOL-)
Jeans I agree are a PITA
I stick to what I know- calvin klein boot cuts from costco
cK ofcourse arent' * tight* enough for her, I think she likes some she got at Nordstroms, but then they apparently changed the design, cause we haven't found them since.
We do have a lot of shampoo
My H uses something yucky and cheap
I have a couple different kinds-
and so does D
and then the dog has her shampoo too :)</p>

<p>haha, the only tv show i watch is the office, i wear what i want when i want it, i wash my hair with whatevers in there, and i would never shop at a nordstrom!</p>

<p>I admit to buying expensive clothes, but I'm economical about it. I bought nearly everything I own on sale. I get polos and cabled sweaters at a 50% discount at the Ralph Lauren outlet. From J. Crew I have a sweater that I got at 50% off, a wool coat at 30% off, and a pair of jeans at $10 off. Of the two skirts (one black and one white) I wear the most often, one cost $40 at Express two and a half years ago, when I got it, and one was 50% off at Anthropologie. The reason this works is that I don't follow trends--I buy "classic" items and wear them for several years, until they literally fall apart. I've been paying for clothes out of my allowance since I was 13, and it's taught me the importance of planning ahead and spending money on practical, high-quality items instead of impulse buying something I'll wear once and never look at again. </p>

<p>The other reason it works is that I hate shopping. :D</p>


<p>Well, the only one of those that's applicable here is the eyerolling.
To my knowledge, D has never even watched an OC or Laguna Beach. But she would lose it totally if I tried to look like cool Mom.</p>

<p>I'm an 18 year old dude, but here's a couple I'd add from my experiences with my sister, mom, and stories from friends:</p>

<p>You're up at 11 o'clock reading your daughter's myspace and her friends' myspaces</p>

<p>After a ton of condescention, you've finally learned to say "ipod" and "mp3" correctly.</p>

<p>well when I was younger I loved shopping and my younger D does like it- but she is quite opinionated.
My older D isn't so into it- or maybe that is just not with me.
I don't really care how much something is marked off- because I am paying for the item- I don't get back what I "saved".
I admit it did take me a while to figure this out & probably why nordstroms sales are so popular, because shoppers think they are saving so much money- they don't realize that they get special stuff in just for the sale.
Younger D really likes vintage stores- more high end than value village- but the stuff from the 50s and 60s is made well, and no reason why it cant last another 10 years.
Even my acrylic sweater I bought from ValuMart when I was in high school, is way superior to many things made now,it still is in great shape with no pills!
D is also taking a fashion design class so she can learn to alter these things to update them a little. I am eager to see what she does with my Burberry trench coat. :)</p>

<p>After a ton of condescention, you've finally learned to say "ipod" and "mp3" correctly.</p>

<p>confused- you mean there is more than one way?</p>

<p>emerald - my dad still to this day refers to mp3 as a disc.. regardless of how many times i've explained to him it's a file. he also refers to any mp3 player as an ipod, even though we have creative labs zen... </p>

<p>my friends mom tries to sound out ipod and mp3.. so its like ip-od, and mmmp - 3.. trust me it happens :P</p>

<p>"Okay you have to go to Nordstroms or Macys and just play in the shoe department, see shoes are great cause they always fit!!"</p>

For me, finding shoes that fit is more difficult than finding jeans (which is never easy)...suffice it to say that I have only been able to find 3 styles of shoes in the past 9 years or so that fit comfortably enough for me to walk in, and so I wear them until they wear out, and then I go buy another pair (it's a miracle they haven't stopped making them yet!).</p>

<p>They fit cause they are the last thing, for me anyway, to gain weight</p>

<p>I have gone up and down ten pounds, but my feets is always a 7 1/2 ;)</p>

<p>Your clothes and jewelry are missing, but you haven't had a break in! :)</p>

<p>Please tell me, what is it with women and shoes. Was their an explanation for this on "Sex and the City" that I missed?</p>

<p>TSDad, I know that there's a gender divide about shoes. No guy has ever come up to me and said, "Oh, nice shoes." And I'd be wary of an incipient brokeback moment if one did.</p>

<p>Then apparently I'm on the wrong side of the divide. If they're comfortable when I'm walking, i'm fine. I basically wear two pairs: Black flat lace-ups for work, sneakers othewise.</p>

<p>I use the excuse of a car accident and two smashed legs ten years ago to explain why I can't walk in heels, but it's not the real reason; I just don't get why someone would want to.</p>

<p>And my D lives in her Converse All-stars.</p>