Young Arts 2021-2022

I’ve seen one of these forums past years, but I couldn’t find any for this year. is anyone applying or already applied to youngarts this year?

since they don’t give a set date they send notifications, I like to also have a forum so that people can give updates if they have heard anything.


My son is applying for screenwriting. I know the application deadline is October 16th but I haven’t seen about notification dates.

submitted all my pieces today. notification dates start in the end of November, but they are never completely clear about them. once people start hearing back, please let us know.

My kid submitted. Last year calls to finalists were end of Nov with emails to others the following week.

They’ve started checking applications at least, as my son got a notification that one of his videos wasn’t working. :slight_smile: Should hear by end of November at the earliest.

My older son applied this year for Drama, first time applying in last year of eligibility. Anyone have experience for instrumental music? Didnt do it with my younger one since the process seemed so cumbersome (and expensive!) in his first year of eligibility but may for next year

I was just checking their website. they say winner notification begins nov 16 and all winners are notified by dec 9.


My oldest son won for Instrumental (Classical) in 2019. My younger applied this year.

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and yes I agree with you about the ‘cumbersome’ nature. The requirements are so terribly specific that it’s difficult to just apply’. You basically have to be working on those specific pieces already, and then with accompaniment it gets even harder to arrange (and pay for). If my younger son doesn’t win this year we won’t apply again as he will be focusing on college applications.

My older son for drama basically went into a room and recorded his college audition pieces according to their slate and was done. For my younger one it would have been impossible to get done. I think we will plan over this year to get appropriate pieces recorded in hopes that the requirements don’t change!

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I think they are pretty much the same from year to year (at least from what I remember from my older son) - Bach, Concerto, a modern piece, etc.

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Hello! I am an applicant under writing. There’s little information from YoungArts themselves so all of this is my speculation based on what happened LAST YEAR, but here are some things I’ve put together:

  • The majority of calls for FINALISTS LAST YEAR went out within the first two days of finalist calls. If it follows the same pattern this year, most calls will go out between Nov. 16-17. However, there were calls still going out up until Thanksgiving. Last year, YoungArts tweeted on November 30th that the finalist calls were wrapped up. Calls did not go out during Thanksgiving weekend so the final day of potential calls was November 25th. BUT the most tweets and CC posts I have seen from last year for finalists were within the first two days.

  • The first calls reported were WRITERS from the EAST COAST. This does not, in any way, guarantee that this will be the same for this year.

  • While the office of YoungArts is open from 9am-5pm, calls pretty much went out between 1pm-4pm. The offices close at 5pm. This means most people will find out during school hours! YoungArts does not leave voicemails, but will call back, and if you get a call, try calling back and explaining that you received a call you missed! Don’t panic if you miss a call :slight_smile:

  • After Thanksgiving is when emails for Merit and Honorable Mention winners go out. I do not have much information on this, but the website shows the last date of notifications being Dec. 9.

  • After all notifications, YoungArts will post a list of all winners (who would have been notified) on their website.

REMEMBER that MOST of this is not definite. A lot of this could change for this competition cycle. This is just what I have gathered from past years. :slight_smile:


Notifications start today. How are y’all feeling? It’s all I can focus on in school right now ahhh. Can someone let us know if they get the call?


Good luck today eveyone!


I’m surprised YoungArts hasn’t posted anything about it on their social media. The irrational part of my brain is making me think they forgot about us :sob:


Omg SAMEE. Like usually Twitter is blowing up and they’re responding. It’s really weird that they’re not posting anything :sob::sob:


There’s literally nothing on any of their social media accounts this is so weird


(excuse the cupcake that is my profile picture, I just really quickly made a college confidential account)

The suspense hits different when you are a writer on the east coast. :frowning:
I cannot stop myself from checking my phone every five seconds. O_o


Why does everyone think notifications start today? Last year I believe it was the 17th.

Says right here: Apply to the National Arts Competition | YoungArts

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