Your goal for senior year?

<p>Rising seniors: (refer to topic title)</p>

<p>My goal is to become more like Finny and less like Gene. I feel like I'm making progress.</p>

<p>^nice reference. My goal is just to not procrastinate like I normally do.</p>

<p>Ugh... that book.</p>

<p>I'm more focused on college applications, so I suppose being organized for the college process would be my goal.</p>

<p>My goal is to not procrastinate, get an A in every class, and get accepted to GWU.</p>

<p>my goal for junior year is to get all As, 2200+ on the SATs, 780+ on math IIc and chemistry</p>

Ugh... that book.


<p>I don't understand why some people don't like it</p>

<p>Get accepted to Dartmouth!</p>

<p>Expect the worst but hope for the best.</p>

<p>Get accepted to almost all of my private schools and UC's, earn at least a 4.2 GPA, not take school so seriously, improve socially, and enjoy my senior year. I think the last item would be the most challenging because between my tough course schedule, involvement in the yearbook, newspaper, and Red Cross chapter, not-so-friendly and not-bright class, awful rallies, and the pressures of college applications and acceptances will make me stressed out.</p>

<p>I'd love to get accepted to Northwestern, but you can't be too sure.</p>

<p>My summer goal is to get a 28+ on my ACT's hahaha. (Preferably a 29/30, but whatever).</p>

<p>Give a speech at graduation
Get 33+ on my ACT
Get 750+ on my two subject tests
Get into a school of my dreams.
Get some</p>

Get some


<p>haha, late bloomer^</p>

<p>Be accepted somewhere I want to go.</p>

<p>Bring my GPA up to a 4.0/5.0
1800 min on SAT's/crack 2000
Get a BF
Get a job</p>

<p>bring my gpa up, bring my act score up, get accepted to pepperdine and learn to lick my elbow</p>

learn to lick my elbow



<p>Pepperdine has one of the best looking campuses I've seen. Jealous.</p>

<p>i know. i hope i can get in</p>

haha, late bloomer^


Uh I was actually saying it like, "yeah get some" if that makes sense. The sexual undertone was not intended. </p>

<p>But now that you say it...
I would also like to
Get 'Some'</p>

<p>^I get what you're saying.</p>

<p>My graduating class is so lame that we used to have the slogan "1-1 get some". Now it's "Here we come! Better run! We're the class of 2-0-1-1!" We have to wear our senior shirts with that phrase, and all of the student government people wonder why my class has no school spirit. I want my class to be the least-spirited graduating class in the school's history. </p>

<p>"1-1 get some!"</p>