Your goal for senior year?

<p>^Our senior shirts have snake eyes on them, hm</p>

But now that you say it...
I would also like to
Get 'Some'


<p>haha, late bloomer^</p>

tsen char</p>

not procrastinate AS much
get better at guitar
read more
(maybe) get a boyfriend
get an internship</p>

<p>lol I have 2 years before I'm a senior(Soph), but the junior class has had two sayings.</p>

<p>"1 1 and then we're done."
"We're so nice, we're #1 twice." </p>

<p>I have to say that I like the Junior class.
Everyone in my school hates the class of 2012.</p>

<p>Pepperdine is one of the schools I am looking at (: it is my 3rd or 4th choice (still deciding if I should apply to USC)</p>

<p>I would've liked "1-1, and we're done," and other suggested the bland "this one goes up to eleven" or "we're eleven on a scale of one to ten". In the annual powerpuff game, I'll be on the juniors' section. My class doesn't like that much as is. It's worth it for them to hate me more.</p>

<p>My grade isn't that intelligent..whenever we're at a pep rally and the sophomore class is yelling one-two and the senior class is yelling one-zero, mine would yell "O (as in the letter) eleven", that's us: the class of 20,011.</p>

<li>Get 44-45 on my IB</li>
<li>Get 2350+ on SATs</li>
<li>Get 770+ ON SAT 2's</li>
<li>Do well in my Ecs</li>
<li>Make closer friends</li>
<li>Get accepted into an awesome college</li>
<li>Get a scholarship some where else</li>
<li>Develop my relationships with people</li>
<li>Learn Kannada, cooking and general housework</li>

<p>I am very ambitious</p>

<p>I wanna prove to my parents that i was worth it.</p>

<p>Everyone who said you want to not procastinate, or not as much, you do realize that's not going to happen, right?</p>

<p>All I want is to get into the college of my dreams</p>

<p>I mean, GPA, SAT, ECs whatever, I just see them as means to get into college anyway</p>

<p>do more in my environmental club.
be happy.
spend most of my time with people I love</p>

<p>Learn to walk in 4-5 inch heels for 12 hours flat.
Fill up my closet with new clothes.
Get +2350 for my SAT at first attempt.
Deepen my design skills.</p>

<p>Get accepted somewhere decent.</p>

<p>@Chem, well, we can always hope right? LOL ahaaha</p>

<p>oh and I forgot to add, GET FIT!!</p>

<p>"On a scale from 1-10, we're 11"</p>

<li>4.0+ GPA</li>
<li>^ACT score</li>
<li>Get into college</li>
<li>Build a flux capacitor</li>
<li>Have the time of my life</li>

<p>-4.0 GPA [UW]
-Manage to fend off senioritis [or at least ignore it] so I can still do well on exams/tests
-Do amazing work and writing for my college applications
-Be happy, appreciating every last moment with my friends
-Plan some graduation trip [abroad or with friends]
-Set a good example for the underclassmen</p>

<p>Well, I'm moving in January and 1/3 of my credits won't transfer to the new school. So my goal is to find a new school and pass without taking loads of extra classes. :(
And I want a higher GPA this year.</p>

<p>To let go of the need to strive to be the perfect college applicant... and well, I suppose that would entail doing only the things I truly enjoy.</p>

<p>On the other hand, I would like to get accepted to all my colleges... -sigh-</p>

<p>-get straight A's
-at least 730's on my SAT subject tests
-write amazing college essays
-get accepted to one of my reach schools
-have fun
-wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy</p>

<p>Make this a really fun year.</p>