Your Good Buy Of The Day (Part 1)

Kate Spade has 3 bag styles 50% off today only: Cedar Street Maise, small Hayden, and small Harmony. Use code “pinklight” at checkout.

Looked at the “It” luggage and found this deal. I assume it’s heavily discounted because of the color but I like it. May order the set for my D.

Twin xl mattress cover, “the big one” from Kohl’s marked down to $9.99 plus 10% off with code plus 8% ebates, Will pick up while I’m out later so no shipping (that would have been $9!)

In this household, we have never been a fan of luggage sets. We like the rollerboards that can be wheeled onto all airlines plus a backpack or similar. That’s how we’ve always traveled for decades and suits us well. We wouldn’t know what to do with other pieces of luggage, except to tote gifts, but that can fit in a same-sized checked piece.

peach update: Ate the first of the $0.69/lb ones form Whole foods. Yum. The pie I made from the other peaches was also yum!

Target has a sale today - 40% off selected bed and bath items if anyone still needs dorm items.

S was at Van Heusen this weekend - they had a fabulous sale on their suit separates. Jacket that fit him really really well was 265$, marked down 70%. He then had an associate’s discount - ended up with both the jacket and the pant for about 75$!!

I was poking around the Columbia Sportswear site to see if I could use my gift card on a sale item and found the women’s minx shorty snow boots, but they were not available in D16’s size (recommendation is to size up). After poking around the internet, I found the same boots on sale at Used a coupon code SAVE25 which brought them down to $33.74 with tax (free shipping) … I also went through Ebates for 7.5% back. Every little bit helps!

@Undercovermom1 : “Target has a sale today - 40% off selected bed and bath items if anyone still needs dorm items.”

Still need everything! Just can’t figure out a way to make myself do it, knowing things have to be shipped. Did you buy everything, and will ship? Or what will you do?

I wonder if you could order them for store pickup in the other location so you wouldn’t have to ship.

Something on that order is where my mind takes me. Think I’ll run over to Target in about an hour and get all their details.

I’ve been looking into shipping a bike to campus, and the bike shop guy makes me think I don’t want to do that. Feeling a little glum about the whole darned thing.

Went to the grocery store today and I thought maybe I’ll get peaches. Skipped them 2.99 a lb, granted it was a higher end market. I’ll check Von’s later this week.

Von’s used to be the higher end.

@Waiting2exhale Our local Target told me that they would hold for 4 days typically, but longer if requested. It might vary depending on the management at each location. It’s worth asking.

Thanks, that’s good to know about Target. I haven’t used them before for anything like this, only BBB.

@Waiting2exhale I did purchase D16’s bedding (minus the mattress topper and pillows) and towels locally, so that I could launder them. We are packing them in space bags and they’ll go in our checked luggage along with her clothes, shoes, make-up and anything else she decides to take from home. We’re buying pretty much everything else locally, unless I find a very good deal online and can ship it for free. Her college won’t except packages until after 8/15 so I’m sitting on everything right now. There are always sales, right? I’d like to take advantage of free shipping from Target and Amazon Prime so that we have less to stuff into the rental car!

One last thing idont forget if you set up a college registry online at Target, you can “complete” your registry purchases with an extra 15% off coupon they give you online the week before your event date (i.e. the date you list as move-in). You do have to make a registry at least 14 days prior to that to qualify for the coupon.

@Waiting2exhale - if you fly SW, you can check a bicycle for about $100. Check their web site for details.

I couldn’t help thinking about this thread when I read about this robot wheelie bag today. I don’t think I’d ever buy one but it looks cool!

It could be very useful for medical equipment, like O2 tanks or gear. Having reconditioned patients tote medical gear and stay mobile is a huge challenge.