Your Good Buy Of The Day (Part 1)

Ok, you are all motivating me to start shopping! The instapot sounds great for DD for college next fall. If I buy it now, I might put it in a closet and forget about it by then haha. I dread going out on Black Friday, so I guess it’s Amazon for me. I was considering getting an Apple laptop this year for DD so she could get used to it for college, isn’t that what students all use these days? They’re actually having a one day sale today so I’m told.

Amazon also has deal for $10 off of book purchases of $25 or more. Promo code: holidaybook

@Fishnlines29 if your D will be a freshman you better check your D’s potential college living situation - dorms would not likely allow an Instapot.

@PacNWparent THANK YOU for that Amazon code! Just picked up two books S wanted for a total of $23 thanks to your code!

Yes, good point, I will wait till summer anyway I suppose. Don’t even know where she’s going yet! @abasket

Target has the Sonos Play 1 Bluetooth speaker for $149 (normally $199 and rarely on sale). We got two last Christmas and love them. DH will be happy to have Santa bring one this year for his study.

Either Instant Pot on sale on Amazon are great price. It will for sure be one of the most used appliances in your kitchen.

Another thanks to @PacNWparent for the Amazon code! Was able to use on two separate family Amazon accounts.

Corelle has everything 50% off online on all open stock items. Use code CORELLE15 to get an extra 15% off. You will have to pay shipping.

Online Bath & Bodyworks is offering Buy 3 get 3 free. You can get $10 off a $30 purchase online used code F164861. Another code that should also work is FA162853.

I haven’t bought any of these items but thought to share with others. I am trying my best to hold onto my money.

I order my household stuff from They sell detergents, boy lotions, hair coloring…etc. They are having 30% off on a lot of things today. They are also offering free shipping for orders over $50. I stocked up on detergents, bathroom cleaners, shampoos.

I just got a PM from someone about my typo. It is body lotion, there is no boy lotion, even though boy lotion is probably better. LOL.

If you enter “holidaybook” from now till 11/28 on books selling for $25 or greater in the coupon code box, amazon will cut $10 off the final price.

A book I’ve been looking to purchase over the last 3 months with fluctuating pricing between $35-$50+ has now dropped below $28. With that code, final price fell below $20 and even that was completely covered by giftcards so final price for me. Free. :slight_smile:


Looks like we’ve cross-posted. Heard about the code from a FB friend earlier today. Great!

Some people had posted on other threads wanting thermapen instant read thermometers. America’s Test Kitchen has a 20% off special:

Yikes!! Expensive! Is it worth the cost? We have a cheapie thermometer, purchased after someone left the previous one in the meat and it melted :frowning:

Cheapo thermometers take their sweet time to get a reading… For a turkey, it might not matter much if it takes a minute to get a readout, but a perfectly medium- rare steak will turn into medium during that time.

I am happy to report that we did not buy a thing yesterday!

We celebrated No Shopping Day also!

Today only the 5 qt instapot was on sale for $54. But I got one for my DS#1 and wife. Anyone have good recipe converters for pressure cookers from a crockpot? There was one they found on line.

Yes to the thermapen. It is fantastic.

Wanted to tell people about the Honey app that searches coupon codes when you get to checkout. It works great and has found savings for me on several occasions, including a recent order on You can download at Thanks for the Thermapen tip. Just ordered two - one as gift for D and one for me!

@jym626 check out this thread: