Your November Checklist: HS Seniors

Deadlines for many Early Action, Early Decision and Rolling applications are due this month, so it’s essential that you have all of your materials to colleges by the deadlines. Not only should you ensure that you submit your application on time, but you should also follow up and confirm that your rec letters, transcripts, and test scores (when applicable) arrive by deadline. Check out these tips to ensure you navigate November smoothly.

1. Consult these general application tips

  1. Last-Minute Mistakes Every College Applicant Should Avoid Making
  2. How Do I List My Activities on the Common Application?
  3. Will Colleges Know If I Apply to More Than One School Early?
  4. Activities Vs. Honors? Uploading a Resume? Check 3 Common App FAQs;

2. Finalize your college list

  1. College Selection During A Pandemic
  2. New Rankings Reveal the Top Colleges in 50 Categories
  3. These Colleges Are Considered Ideal for Introverts
  4. Parents4Parents: How to Build Your College List? - ASK ME ANYTHING!
  5. The Upside of Rejections & How I Fell in Love with My Safety School: ASK ME ANYTHING!

3. Craft your essays

  1. How to Spend Less Time on a Much Better College Essay
  2. Should You Write College Essays About COVID-19?
  3. Tackling the College Essay “Of Your Choice”
  4. Supplemental Essay Tips
  5. Essay Tips to Consider

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We also have a consolidated list of essay readers in our College Confidential community. Reach out to them for help!

4. Consider these testing tips

  1. Will Colleges Consider (Slightly) Late Test Scores?
  2. How to Prepare for the SAT/ACT if You Can Only Test Once
  3. Infographic: Average SAT/ACT Scores at 20 US Colleges
  4. 5 Factors to Consider When Applying to Test-Optional Colleges
  5. Class of 2020 Logs Average ACT Score of 20.6
  6. Directory of Schools Going Test Optional for 2020-2021

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5. Consider the best option to pay for college

  1. FAFSA and CSS Profile for Better Scholarship Chances?
  2. Parents4Parents: Parent of Two, Highly Knowledgeable in Financial Aid Matters - ASK ME ANYTHING!
  3. Which State Schools Do Not Charge an OOS Rate (and Will Also Give Merit Scholarships)?
  4. EFC Formula for 2020-21 Released
  5. The Psychological Effects of Loan Debt

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6. Consider some interview advice

  1. College Interview Tips From Alumni Interviewers

Does financial aid view child support received voluntarily vs court-ordered support differently? How are they taken into consideration with the non-custodial parent waiver?