Your opinion-Reach schools and safe schools for economics

<p>I am a foreign student, junior year now.
I am going to transfer to one of the US colleges, majoring in Econs
Current stats:</p>

<p>College GPA : 3.33
Not yet taken TOELF and SAT, expect to get 110 and 2000 .
National Service
Chairperson of the largest club in college
Council member of student government
Lieutenant of Youth Cadet
Basketball school player for 3 years
Editor of school magazine
Chairperson of cultural society
others... </p>

<p>Looking for a medium size, active social life school which provide chances of organizing various event.
Can anyone of you suggest that close to my requirement?</p>

<p>it'd be a high reach, but university of chicago has a really great econ major</p>

<p>U of C is indeed a high reach for me...
actually i have some choices are listed...
Ohio state
Michigan state
Penn state
u of minn-twin cities
iowa state</p>

U penn</p>

<p>Can u guys compare these unis in term of econs and campus life? ( and not to forget my result ^^)</p>