2011 callc bc curve prediction

<p>out of 108, what do you think will be a 5 (given there is no guessing penalty) ..</p>

<p>what do you all think is the range for 5 and 4 this year.</p>

<p>also what has been the BEST and the WORST curves for 5 in calc bc so far? any links that point to this information?</p>

<p>for eg - 22 mc non calc correct, 13 calc section correct and 3 frq's fully correct and the rest of the 3 frq's 60% correct. what would be the approx raw score and what would be the AP score? What would be the AP score ?</p>

<p>Collegeboard released new scoring sheets that take into account the no guessing penalty. The 5 for the 2003 and 2008 exams was a 68 composite score. I assume it will be approximately the same as previous years. </p>

<p>I would use this bc.vc</a> - a modern URL shortener for a composite score calculator. Sounds like a 5 to me though. A high one at that.</p>

<p>that is most definitely a 5 query</p>

<p>I've been encouraging my students to use 70 as a likely cut score for a 5, just in case. One thing I had heard from various AP teachers was that the prediction for the new cut scores simply re-ran the old data, based on what students actually did.</p>

<p>One danger in that logic is that students who are willing to take the risk and guess when the expected value is in their favor or neutral will have done so, but students who are risk-averse will generally not have done so. Accordingly, they may exceed the expected value of 1/5 point earned per question skipped. We don't know what percentage of the population is risk-averse, and so we don't know how much they would gain over the expected value of 1/5th of a point per question. How much is it? I don't know, but the 68 number seemed a little low to me.</p>


<p>The likey cut score for a 5 - Did you imply 70% or 70 out of 108?</p>


<p>Bump. </p>

<p>anyone else have an idea on the curve? (for the 2011 ap exam without guessing penalty). Is it 70% or 70 raw score out of 108 for a 5? not clear .. </p>

<p>what is the general idea on the test - easy or hard?</p>

<p>I intended 70/108, not 70%.</p>

<p>The general consensus from my students is that this year's Multiple Choice was easier than 2008's, but that the Free Response was a little trickier, particularly questions 4 and 6. I'd guess that the overall difficulty was probably somewhat comparable to 2008 from that information, but you may have a different point of view.</p>