2021 Elk National Foundation Scholarship

I noticed we don’t have a forum yet this year…

Anyone else just receive an email about advancing to the district level?

Yes- got one today that my daughter advanced to district. Looks like we’ll know more on 1/20.

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D received email last night, advancing to district. Good luck all


Greatttt!!! I’m kind of confused because we don’t have to submit anything else. But best of luck to your kids.

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I advanced to district.


Do you guys think we will have to submit sat/act scores this year.

I would doubt it. Regardless, my daughter didn’t even take them as they all kept cancelling. That hasn’t mattered so far in getting acceptances, thankfully.


email says we will find out BY jan 20… did anyone hear they are advancing to state?

Nothing yet here…

Nothing here either they may send it in the morning tomorrow or late afternoon today!!! I’ll keep you guys posted if I get anything.


Assuming we will have to wait till tomorrow…

Yeah nothing really comes after 6 pm. I guess we will see tomorrow!!!

Hey y’all! I just got the email. I moved on!!! How about you guys?


i moved on as well!! good luck everyone :smiley:

I’m a Quarter Finalist!

Hey guys! I hate procrastination. So I was trying to go ahead and submit my stuff earlier but when I tried to upload my documents it said submission id not found. Is this happening for you guys as well! I’m about to get ready and email the support line.

Nvm guys!! I just tried it again and it works now! It probably was messing up because I tried to submit it right when decisions came out.

Has anyone gotten notifications they’ve advanced past state?

we find out tomorrow