2024 Decision Thread/University of Delaware

Has anyone heard of any acceptances yet for the University of Delaware? Please list your

Major -

Applied August 1st , was told they do not do rolling admissions anymore when my daughter called in September.

Still shows awaiting review.

Major- Sports health / animal science (2nd choice)

Applied: 10/27/19 EA
Email: 10/30/19 complete for review
Major: financial planning

I don’t know if they are doing things differently than last year, but they started sending out decisions the first Friday in November at 8pm the past two years. From etc comments on this site, it looks like they were sending out decisions to the August/September completed applications. Past year comments say that about the day before they release a student’s a decision, your major will disappear on your student portal, then within 48 hours you get a decision via you’re portal. (Balloons, streamers, etc). The Friday Nov 1 will be the first Friday in November…would be SO nice to hear bc my student applied 12 weeks ago and got an email saying that they had received everything and the application was complete.

Applied: 10/3 EA 10/18 Counselor Reviews in and Application marked complete.
GPA: 4.055/3.87
SAT: 1200
Major: University Studies (Undecided)

Still awaiting review…

An admissions person told us that they would start releasing decisions in Nov. and you will get an alert in your email that your status has changed in the portal. This helps so we don’t obsessively check the portal every day.

My status changed from awaiting review to awaiting decision 2 days ago!! I applied first week of September.

What does awaiting confirmation mean?

My daughter’s account totally disappeared today! Went to log in, password didnt work, then when trying to reset it said she didn’t exist! Anyone else today have this problem?


GPA-95/100 average ( guess thats 4.0??)

Test scores-32 ACT ( 33 superscore though we hear delaware does NOT ss ACT)

Major-Animal science/pre-vert major- hoping for honors college

applied 10/14- portal said application and in review since 10/17, no change since

@bsw0828 My sons portal changed to “Awaiting Confirmation” today. Hope that means the decision is coming! Last year a lot of people got notified on Fri 11/2, so that is today. His stats are strong for UD. Fingers crossed!

Mine still says awaiting review - does that mean I won’t be getting a decision soon?

Applied: 9/1 EA
GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1270
Major: Early Childhood Education

Ours also shows still awaiting review

My D’s portal also changed to awaiting confirmation today. Wonder if it means anything.

did anyone hear anything tonight?

Portal has said “Awaiting Confirmation” for several days but no change today. Sounds like folks in the Spring 2020 transfer forum heard at 5pm tonight. Wonder if that means next Friday for Fall 2020 admissions and those not hearing today?

Nope. Still waiting…hoping it happens soon. Was told there was something on UofD site that says EA offers go out Jan 31st or something so IDK.

My sister-in-law in VA heard of a daughter of a friend of a friend that heard today (Nov 1). But I don’t have any specific details right now. My daughter’s portal is still showing in review or processing.

Applied: 8/15
Application Completed: 9/21
GPA: 3.991 W
ACT: 31
Major: Nursing
Nat Honor Societies: Math, Science, Spanish
4 yrs JV/Varsity Cheer
2 yrs weekly volunteering at a top ranking teaching hospital
Other misc volunteering

My daughters portal changed yesterday also. Not sure what that means or how quickly we will find out.

Applied 10/7
1210 SAT

4.13 GPA
Top 10% of class
Several ap’s
Applied to the DPT program

Hopefully everyone one gets good news soon!

Yesterday my daughters portal status changed from Awaiting Decision to Awaiting Confirmation. From a previous year UD thread I think this may be the last status before she gets notified!??