50x errors

Is it just me, or are 502, 503, 504 errors (where nothing shows up on the website other than an error message) becoming a much more frequent occurrence?

And @CC_Jon and @CC_Sorin - will the new hosting service you’ve mentioned address this issue?


This is happening so much the past month or so. And not a good look during application season when CC should be pulling in new users/contributors. A negative UX will turn people away… new users and long time users as well.


I have reported the issue earlier today. I haven’t got any errors in the last hour or so so hopefully this has been stabilized for now.

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I had 502 and 504 messages for a while late this morning (central time).

Yes. We’re still working on that and also looking at other options that might come through more quickly.

It’s been frustrating for us because we know it’s been frustrating for you all. I wish we were past this, but we are not. :frowning:


More this morning…


What’s the difference between a new hosting service and a new platform? Will the platform still be Discourse?

Correct. Since Discourse is an open source project, anyone can host it. For instance, I have a Discourse server running on Oracle Cloud to host my blog comments. (I don’t necessarily recommend it unless your sole criteria is “free”.) On the technical side, it’s relatively easy to move from one host to another. The end result will be identical from the user perspective with improved reliability. (Knock on wood!)

The holdup is related to contracts and negotiation rather than anything technical. Without going into the full story, I can say we had a breakthrough yesterday.


Several more 502/504 errors yesterday and today.
I know you guys are aware and doing your best to fix, but just reporting for awareness/tracking of frequency. Thanks


More outages this morning. This is coming at a very unfortunate time - during ea/ed application season. Hope the server capacity issues will be addressed.


I’m having all kinds of issues this morning. Mostly 502 errors while trying to post.

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