Acceptance class of 2024 EA

Starting this thread to see who has revived acceptance so far for EA… seems like they started going out yesterday

Received email yesterday, son was accepted, letter with details coming soon.
Applied end of Aug
SAT 1330
Gpa 3.6
Numerous honors and ap classes

Applied End of August
Accepted 10/23/19
Computer Science-Pre engineering
ACT 25
GPA: 3.9 UW and 4.1 W
5 AP classes and the rest honors, Football and track

Applied End of August
Accepted 10/23/19
Materials Science-Pre engineering
ACT 28; SAT 1330
GPA: 3.9
8 APs
2 campus visits

applied end of august
accepted 10/23/19
from Louisiana
Act 27
gpa: 3.5
6 APs
1 campus visit and 1 architecture college visit

My daughter applied mid October. She hasn’t heard anything yet.

My son applied in September and we have not heard anything yet. I hope to hear soon!

Has anyone who was accepted have their portal just update to where the “Complete: Ready to review” just disappeared but Catalog Term is now Fall 2020? Was catalog term already on there? Seems like some stuff showed up that wasnt there before but now I am questioning myself. Starting to get worried.

I wasn’t accepted, but the same thing happened to me. I called and they said they are having maintenance problems and have not reached a decision on my application yet. Good luck!

I got an email that said, “Good news is on it’s way!” and to look out for a letter in the mail. Portal still says “under review”, though.

I applied EA to Auburn on October 22, and my “complete ready for review” disapperared too but now my application says application status: decision made decision: file still under review. Does anyone know what this means, I’m wondering if it means I was deferred?

My son, applied in mid-October, got acceptance email today!!!

My daughter got accepted today too! We are here for a tour!

My daughter was accepted today. (11/22/19)
Applied September 12th
GPA UW 3.91/W4.4
ACT 30
SAT 1310
APs 7 (at the end of senior year)
Many extracurriculars and clubs. 4 years of varsity swimming. 400+ hours of volunteering, some part time work.
Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those who have been accepted.

Daughter received email today :smiley:
OOS: Georgia
Applied (by Oct 15th early deadline)
GPA: 3.98 UW/4.17 W
SAT: 1150
2 AP, 1 DE (small private school that only offers 4-5
Varsity Comp Cheer 4 years, Captain currently. Beta Club, Spanish Club, 3 out of country mission trips, very active with church.

Also applied to South Carolina and UGA. We already know UGA will be a big fat DEFERMENT til Spring. LOL! Congrats and good luck to all <3

My son was accepted to the Professional Flight program today! Over the moon excited!

ACT: 29
GPA: 4.444 weighted
Applied 9/20
Several Honors classes, 1 AP

Earned his Private Pilot License this year, 3 year club/varsity hockey player and a Ski Patroller (volunteer). Also has a job and his Safe Boating License.

Ski Patrol Director wrote him an AUsome LOR.

War Eagle! ? Good luck to all!

I can’t find a way to edit my post above, but the GPA I typed has a typo. Correct GPA is 3.444 weighted. Fat finger day!

Son accepted
SAT: 1330
GPA: 3.9
Honors, 6 AP’s, 3 DE, including one in engineering
Major: Pre-Engineering Materials, Mechanical
Double legacy

@vamominvabeach Your son’s stats make him seem like a clone of my son! Same scores, GPA, course work and major. We’re also in VA.

PSA there is an Auburn Class Of 2024 instagram page so everyone who has been accepted can start meeting each other. The handle is @auburnclassof2024 and always WAR EAGLE!!