Acceptances for class of 2018 and merit award discussion

<p>My daughter received her acceptance letter to Wofford yesterday, but has not yet received anything in the mail. She was also awaiting the outcome of a departmental award (auditioned).</p>

<p>She did receive a nice merit award, but we kind of found it odd that it was broken into two semesters and the two amounts were different for each semester...but they equaled a common amount.</p>

<p>We had not seen it done this way before ... anyone want to share experiences with any of this?</p>

<p>We really loved Wofford, but our EFC is low, and the NPC is not all that encouraging :-)</p>

<p>I received my acceptance and scholarship information by priority mail Friday, but some of my friends received theirs by logging onto their Wofford account. I do not know why it was different for some students. I was a Wofford Scholar and am a resident of SC so that may have some bearing on it. I really liked Wofford and will probably attend unless my number one choice gives me money I do not expect. Even so, I might would still choose Wofford. I think research opportunities would be greater since you are not competing with grad students.</p>

<p>The reason the amount is different for each semester is that Interim (January session) fees are included in first semester tuition. The fee includes the three credit hour class chosen by the student. If you opt for some of the off-campus programs, you will have to pay an additional fee. I am saving my summer work money in hopes of going somewhere cool and unusual. </p>

<p>I also auditioned for a Performing Arts Scholarship. I do not think they have been awarded yet. I called the financial aid office Friday afternoon and was told that I should contact the individual department to find out if those had been awarded. I sent an email to the department head last night and hope to receive a response Monday. Of course, it is possible that I did not receive a scholarship. I am not majoring in the arts and I would assume first priority would go to those students.</p>

<p>I understand Wofford is very generous with financial aid and I am still hoping for more money too. Good luck.</p>

<p>Great info, Flipper96 and thank you for posting!</p>

<p>DUH on the interim session....this makes sense and thanks for the clarification.</p>

<p>You sound like you have a wonderful plan in place and congratulations on being a Wofford Scholar. That is excellent!</p>

<p>We visited Wofford over Homecoming weekend and the major word we could find for the entire experience was: "charming". lol</p>

<p>Our mail doesn't come til 4 or 5 pm, so she is hoping that she receives something official today....although the main thing she is interested in knowing at this point is whether she will receive the departmental (also performing arts) award. We have no idea what to expect in terms of amounts or what exactly is at stake. </p>

<p>She will major in theatre and I thought her audition materials were strong ... but I'm sure they've been inundated. Best of luck to you moving forward!!</p>

<p>My D received her acceptance notification through her Wofford account. She received a $23K merit scholarship. D and dad visited on MLK Day and liked the campus. However, there weren't many students as it was a holiday and January term. She's accepted at Rhodes College, Maryville College, UT Knoxville, Berry College, University of NC - Wilmington, and Birmingham Southern College. Her major will be something in science and/or mathematics.</p>

<p>I am happy for anybody who goes to Wofford. If I had known about it when I went to college, Wofford would have been my choice.</p>

<p>My son notified via email/website last week (Fri Jan 31). However, nothing has come in the U.S. Mail yet (we live in the San Francisco Bay Area). Received $15,000 annually; hoping for scholars program, but was that decided already? Thought I read somewhere that that comes later. Thanks.</p>

<p>I believe the $15,000 is the Wofford Scholars money since he applied EA.</p>