Adelphi - Drama Program (and student life)

Hi, does anyone have any insight about Adelphi’s Drama Program? We visited the school and were quite impressed by the program. Seems to be a small department where students can get a lot of individualized attention. Main concerns were lack of name recognition and also if student life is good considering the small size of the university and also location. Thank you!!

I’m interested in the same. We haven’t visited yet but intend to do so soon as my S has an acceptance to consider (by way of video audition)

There are some detailed, effusive posts on here from a user named EmmyBet who had a child there in the early part of the last decade.

Adelphi was also listed as the top underrated program in the region by onstageblog a few years back.

It seems to be a somewhat less known & somewhat less competitive (more local talent pool) but still reputable program just outside NYC. The junior year in LAMDA sounds great. One thing I did notice is the degree is 62 credits, which is on the lower side for a BFA program. More room for academics outside the major - whether that’s a plus or minus is in the eye of the beholder.

Thank you. Most of the posts confirm our early impression although I was a bit surprised with the comments about reading and writing.

We are still debating about more or less Conservatory training.

BTW, we attended a performance by Adelphi students and were very impressed (more than at some other more well known schools)

I looked at the school last year on Niche and the comments were quite mixed in the reviews for the school overall. Take with a grain of salt, of course.

I don’t know much about campus life, but my son auditioned there in person and really loved it. We also saw a fantastic performance. There seemed to be a lot of individualized attention and connections to opportunities. He hasn’t made any final choices yet, but the program seems impressive.

My D is an intended musical theatre major, but she has decided to audition at Adelphi for the experience and because it is so close to where we live. Should she be accepted, would she like it there, even though they don’t specifically have a BFA MT program?

I think that Adelphi has very limited exposure to singing/dancing classes so if this is her passion, I would say Adelphi might not be the best place. Other than that, I think it has an great Acting program

They state pretty clearly that they are not a musical theater program when you audition. I don’t know if that means there are not opportunities.