Adelphi / NYU 3+4 Dental Program

Hi, I am an incoming senior in highschool and I have a high interest in this program.

My current stats are:

ACT 29 / Writing 30
GPA UW 3.5-3.6 / 4.0

SAT II math 2 c: 780
3 years of private tutoring
3 years of key club
Varsity Fencing Member
Honors society member

I am expecting a better score on the ACT exam, which I will be taking on the 12th of the September. What are my chances of getting into this program if I obtain a 32 on the ACT exam. I am an Asian male student! Thanks guys :slight_smile: Oh and please feel free to be realistic.

Hi, I was wondering if you got in, do you like the program?