Adroit Journal Mentorship Program 2022!

Haven’t seen a thread for applicants, so here it is!

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Hi!! What did you apply for first choice?

I believe I selected creative nonfiction!

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What about you?

Cool! My first choice was poetry and second choice fiction :slight_smile:

Does anyone here know when decisions are released?

i think they said early april? but i’m not for sure, and since they extended the deadline for applications, it might be a bit later

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Hello! Just wondering when the extension was? I turned mine in thinking it was due on March 15. Was March 15 the original due date or the extended due date?

i think the extended due date was 3/20 & the original due date was 3/15!

Thank you!

wow I just got rejected :((((

aaaa accepted for poetry!!

How did you know you got rejected???

i got in for fiction!

the email went to my spam, so i would make sure to check that. if you still don’t see it, try checking your submittable profile

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Have accepted people gotten any updates since the acceptance letter? Don’t want to bother them but seems a long time since I’ve heard about who my mentor will be etc.?

i haven’t received anything either since the acceptance, but my guess is that they’ll probably send out more info after officially announcing the mentees

Thank you, I was getting worried!