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College Confidential is part of affiliate relationships with other companies. That means some advertisers on the site pay us referral fees when visitors use a link on our site to buy a product or register for a service.

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These are the companies that we currently have an affiliate relationship with:

Please contact us for partnership opportunities.

not sure where to mention this, but today, april 19, i feel bombarded with ads on my desktop. I have the normal side ad, but now one on the bottom that’s making scrolling down hard to read, a video in the thread column, a pop up banner on the top, and random videos on the side. there’s motion hindrances everywhere to my reading, and a few I can’t X out of.

is this a glitch from today’s new settings? Will it calm down? I’m frustrated reading, I’m hoping this is not the new norm.

We are talking about this in the new log in thread. Mike said it’s being addressed. So irritating!