After Admitted to TAMU Class of 2026... Whoop!

Every year we have that space of time where those have been accepted want to continue on with the process and chatter/ask questions, etc. AND those left behind still waiting, have to endure the conversation all the while looking for a glimmer of hope on when they to can progress.

Let’s us this thread for the purpose of posting your stats once accepted (Rank, GPA, Test scores, Major, Date of App and date of decision). Also posting if you received your 2nd choice major so we know when majors fill up.

Also, use this to discuss housing, NSC, etc. etc. etc.

I’m hoping this will keep the discussions focused on the 2 application phases… waiting to exhale and Admitted!

Hope this helps.


Love this! Two years ago we went through this with my son who is now a Soph in Engineering. Waiting on his acceptance (both of them) was STRESSFUL, to say the least. And each excited post of another’s acceptance was so hard on us still waiting…even though we were happy for them. Now we start that wait with my daughter who is in the top 13% of her HS class, and with no Academic Admit now the wait will be even more nail-biting. Thank you for this thread!

I saw you post the other day… and I was like…OMG Fishfam is back. (this is aggiemomhelp fyi… they spammed me so I have a pseudo name).

Glad to see you. Let the nailbiting begin!


Yes…we’re back! This time with my DD and she is trying for BIMS. Fingers crossed! Thanks for sticking around year after year and helping all us parents out. I don’t know what I would have done without your threads, advice, and encouragement back then. :slight_smile:

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Awe thank you. It’s my passion but sadly my free service got marked as spam lol and they kicked offf Aggiemomhelp. Oh well. I have about 150 families I’m currently helping off my site plus here so I’m feeling like I’m helping as much as I can.

Best of luck to your Daughter!


Daughter got 6 tabs this morning! Good luck to everyone. Here are her stats.

  1. When you applied - Aug 1
  2. 10% or review admit - Top 10 %
  3. major - Engineering
  4. in or OOS? - In state
  5. 6 tabs on 9/17

Also in AIS under major it says “Engineering review”


Six tabs showed up this morning— wondering how long it takes until it shows up in AIS…I’ve got to figure out how to navigate the housing stuff before then!

For others wondering —
Her application and all paperwork were officially complete 8/26.
She is in top 10%
Her major is Forensic and Investigative Sciences
In state applicant.


6 tabs at of 7:30 this morning 9/17! Waiting for the official word still.

  1. Applied 8/1 but was in review 8/17
  2. Top 10%
  3. Major-Psychology
  4. In state

Daughter needs to have credit card handy. As soon as she’s able to register for housing, tell her to start the process. She is just putting down a deposit, to get her spot in line for later.
Deposit is non-refundable, and takes about 10
minutes (student has to fill out stuff, send an e-doc to parent to sign, parent signs and sends back), then it is all submitted.
Student is simply paying deposit to secure a spot in line, to have the best time to pick a dorm later in the spring.

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To piggy back on @52ag82 also need to make sure that you get an email saying Phase 1 is complete. This is time sensitive and many miss it. They think they are done with Phase 1 because they’ve paid, but missed something after that. So be mindful. Being the first wave in, she’ll get a really good time slot for selection in April/May.


Hard to say when official word comes out. We’ve seen it take an afternoon and we’ve seen it take some days. Since y’all are the first group this cycle, you get to tell us!!! = )


Hi Christi - If housing is not a concern for your student is there anything else we need to have them do right away once accepted? Daughter will be living off campus. Thanks!

New Student Conference sign ups once they are open. That’s kind of letting them know you are coming to TAMU!

They do fill up but there are plenty of courses for everyone to take and it all works out. So if the schedule is out (I’ll go look in a second), you’ll check to see when their major is offered per conference, check your summer vacay plans and select. Great news is you can always change it later if a spot is open.

Hope this helps. Congrats to your family!

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So when she can pay the deposit on housing, will she have to say exactly which dorm she wants…or will she be able to make that decision in the spring?

Oh girl… that’ll be later. She’ll have preferences but they don’t really care lol. So yes, she’s not tied to anything unless you pick an LLC, then that could change something. But I believe that’s later, like Phase 2.

Oh okay – great!!! I’d really like to go visit the dorms (we have been on a campus tour, but not dorm tour) before we make that decision… glad to know that she won’t be tied to her preferences when it comes down to it…

But what is an LLC?

Okay - just looked up LLC …don’t think she will be interested in that.

Thanks for the help on housing! Will register asap!

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Living learning community. Check out res life website and it’ll show all the different types and where they live. Can be major based or other criteria.

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Has anyone been able to apply for housing? I get a login error.

D reported a login error as well.