ALL (but one) of my friends got rejected - what's going on?

Usually my school sends quite a few people to Amherst, I’m not quite sure what is happening this year (maybe with COVID) but a few friends that are very similar to me got denied early - which was very unexpected for them (a lot of them are quite depressed). I’m going to be applying RD this Jan 15th, I’m worried that there’s something going on this year I don’t know about. Did the school become a lot harder? What are my chances?

SAT: 1560
SAT II: 800 Physics, 800 US History
GPA: 4.13/4.00 Unweighted
Class rank: N/A
ACT: didn’t take
-All honors freshman,

-Sophomore: APUSH and AP Physics II - everything else honors

-Junior: AP European History, AP Biology, AP Econ (macro and micro) - everything else honors

-Senior: AP French, AP Calc AB, AP Chemistry, AP CS A, AP English Literature, AP Psychology

AP Tests: All 5’s

-Leader of Model UN Travel Team 10th-12th (10+ personal awards, 5 team awards; competed at international, national and regional conference levels)

-founder and president of Entrepreneurship club (10th-12th) accepted into MIT Incubator program, soft-launch webapp education company

-President of School Economics club

-Head captain of school Speech and debate team

-co-president of [my town] speaks up club, social justice TedX and local awareness events

-volunteer for town clerk, town historical society
-pitched Model UN Summer camp program to local summer enrichment, (work experience)

-performed at Carnegie Hall - invited to play in Moscow

-Behavioral economics at Ivy’s and FTE summer programs

-8 Wharton Online Courses, 2 Dartmouth Online courses: all pass/fail (passed all).

-local student representative for Wellness coalition

-Spent my own time creating crypto-mine and AI based stock prediction software (quantopian).

-NHS Tutoring

-Social studies Department Award (top student in my class of ~400)
-I am not allowed to read my teacher recs so I don’t really know about those.
-Am currently applying In-State

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Seriously, you are worried about getting into UMass with those credentials? Are you trolling us?


UMass is not a hard school to get into if you have good grades and some extracurriculars. I don’t know why you are asking to be chanced… probably just to flaunt your achievements.

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Some majors at UMass have become very competitive…like CS as an example, just read the threads from last year. What major are you applying for?

Edited to add link to one of last year’s threads: UMass Amherst 2024 EA: High-Stats AND In-State AND Denied/Waitlisted

Chance: 0%

Umass Amherst likes people who have the basic literacy skills to tell the difference between Amherst COLLEGE and University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

John you need delete this before the entire college board finds out.

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LOL I didn’t even notice that OP said Amherst in their post, but put the thread in UMass-Amherst. Let’s hope they come back to clarify, but I do think they are talking about Umass Amherst as they referenced the corresponding RD deadline correctly (Amherst’s is Jan 4)

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No we were talking about getting rejected from Amherst college, he thought we were talking about Umass Amherst.

At this rate he’s going to be going to be applying to Amherst elementary '2025.

@Throwaway I was talking about UMass Amherst (as were posters in the 1st and 2nd posts, although they don’t understand how competitive UMass Amherst has become)…the link I posted will give OP much information about last year’s admission results where many in-state high stats students were not accepted.

UMass Amherst, you’re gonna get in, and get the honors college. Plus I imagine you’ll get that 2K in-state scholarship (Adams scholarship?). Sorry, your friends who didn’t get in surely didn’t have stats like yours.

Where else are you applying? Seriously, with the right approach, you are a good candidate at the just below T20 schools, and have a shot at T20 also.

Mwfan, thank you for taking me seriously, and those are some tough stats for in state (I had no idea). But it appears that I did in fact goof on multiple levels of comprehension this time.

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Since I am apparently unable to delete this post (mods please just delete it) because it doesn’t break any rules, I am going to offer an explanation for all those who see this.

This post was a mistake borne out of a misunderstanding in a conversation between Amherst college and Umass Amherst. I hope that everyone ignores the post. It wasn’t my finest moment.

I hope you all don’t make the same mistake of split-second self-comparison that caused me to make this post and I hope you all have success in your futures ahead.