Allegheny College Class of 2021 Early Action Thread

I am starting this thread for acceptance information to Allegheny College. The admissions office hasn’t provided us with a specific date and I am eager to receive my decision. Please post as you hear!

Any new information about when the decisions will be released?

Results are being mailed for some, if you check your portal it will change from under review to evaluated and that means a decision has been made and something will be mailed. I know of one student who received their acceptance on Friday.

My sons portal just changed today, so now we wait for the mail.

Good luck!

Got accepted with the Trustees scholarship for $14,000 per semester $112,000 over eight semesters.

if it says “application complete” on my portal, does that mean my decision is on the way in the mail???

There will be a status update in the upper left corner. My S’s now says

Status: Decision Processed

and the main page message changed to this

Your application for admission has been evaluated. Your admission decision will be delivered by postal mail.

Prior to that it said it was complete and under review.

Mail isn’t here yet though lol so hopefully this week!

S was accepted with a 12k per semester scholarship.

My D applied RD and I just checked the portal and it has the same message as what @eandesmom said above in #5. Will hopefully get something in the mail soon! :slight_smile:

Ours took a week (portal updated on the 18th, mail arrived on the 23rd). But it had pretty far to travel lol.

They don’t date their notifications, so I don’t have any idea of how long that message has been sitting there (we weren’t expecting any news for a long time yet–made me check the other RD portals we have in play, though–no other unexpected news).

Still haven’t hear back. Status says “Application Complete”

No, they don’t date them. I only know it changed as I’d checked it the friday or saturday before and then oddly on the sunday night it changed. LOL!

I just got my acceptance today. It’s dated Jan. 4th so if your application portal says they made a decision for you (mine did Late december) you might have to wait a few weeks for your decision!

My D got her acceptance yesterday (applied RD). $13K per semester scholarship–makes it an affordable choice!

2K music scholarship received today. Every little bit helps!

I was just accepted (RD) with the full trustee scholarship! It’s still not affordable for my family, but hopefully FA will give me a bit more… if not, and if I don’t get any better offers, then it is better than nothing.