Allegheny College

I just got accepted into Allegheny College in Pennsylvania with a 132,000$ scholarship. It seems to be a very interesting college, I was wondering if it was a good school to go to in comparison to other colleges? Any experiences with the college would be appreciated!!

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Heyy I also got accepted to Allegheny recently. I would love to connect with you if we both decide to attend Allegheny this fall.

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Honestly I think I’ll be heading up to Allegheny college in the coming year so that sounds great! Definitely nice to meet people going in :slight_smile:

@CandyCorn12345 Did you go test optional or supply your scores? Do you mind if I ask your stats?

One of my friend is a student of of Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. He really liked the atmosphere of the college and is very happy to be a student of this college.

Hi I also got accepted to Allegheny and decided to commit if your going to commit as well I would love to connect with you.