Am I screwed?

I’m an us student looking at studying history and economics at Oxford, economics at UCL and University of Edinburgh, and economics and economic history at LSE. I’m also in the IB program and taking HL Math, HL History, HL English, and HL Econ.

My dream is to get into Oxford and I think I might have messed up. I got 3 5’s in world history, European history, and APUSH. And am also expected 750+ on Math 2, US history, and got 760 on world history.

The issue is that my HL Econ teacher didn’t really teach us anything, and as we learn macro in year one and micro in year 2, I had to self study micro. As a result I got a 4 on AP macro and a 3 on Micro. In addition, I also got a 4 on BC Calc (which is worrying) However, Oxford states that for history and economics, no prior experience is required for economics, so will the low scores in AP Econ ruin my chances at Oxford? (I’ve given up on LSE at this point).

Lastly, since I am in IB, is it still possible for me to get a conditional offer based on IB scores?

Thank you so much!

Conditional offers are always possible, but the 4 on BC Calc is definitely a problem. If you are predicted a 6/7 for IB HL math, and have a superstrong HAT / TSA scores (+ solid PS & rec, obvs) it could get you over the line for an interview.

Thanks! Do you think the AP Econ scores would also be detrimental to my application at all? @collegemom3717

Idk (not an admissions tutor!). On the one hand, I have been told by an Econ tutor at Oxford that they don’t think much of the AP Econ courses; on the other hand, they like/are used to seeing high scores. Honestly, imo, the math score is a bigger flag, as they explicitly ask for an A in A-level maths, which is a bit more advanced than CalcBC.