Amazing Race 2020

It’s finally back after an absence of a year and a half. The 32nd season premieres on Wednesday, October 14th. Can’t wait!

Same here. The season finished filming in December 2018 (!!!) and I can’t believe CBS waited this long to release.

And since production shut down on season 33, this one will have to hold us for a while.

Amazing Race has opened our eyes in terms of places we had not thought of visiting. I recall years ago seeing Budapest on TAR for the first time and thinking “This place is gorgeous!”.

I haven’t looked for it but I would assume someone somewhere has set up an index of what countries were visited each season. Since retiring we’ve been to Europe 3 times, and would love to see TAR’s take on places we have been to.

Definitely a top 3 show to watch for me. I look forward to discussing here! (I often don’t watch until a couple days later so I’ll join in when I DO watch so I don’t get night-of-airing spoilers)

I’ve got the DVR all set! See you on the starting line!

Can’t wait. I can’t believe it hasn’t been on for so long.

Can’t wait either and looking forward to discussing it here!

Alright, who’s watched the first episode?

It seemed that the show has returned to its original format with “regular” teams–i.e. no reality stars or strangers being paired up at the starting line. Also, the flow of the episode was more familiar than some of the more recent seasons when the editing was odd to accommodate a 90 minute episode length or there were those strange challenges towards the end of the leg.

My favorite part was the way the first team hit the mat–literally.

I watched. It was a lot to jam into 42 minutes. I would have preferred a 90 minute premiere, but I will take what I can get.

Yay, the yield is back ?

I enjoyed the 1st episode. I’m also glad there were no gimmicks in making up the teams. I wish the ages of the contestants wasn’t skewed so young. It’s been that way for awhile. I used to really enjoy watching more “mature” teams succeed in the race.

It also looks like we will be “enjoying” flashbacks of earlier seasons this year in honor of TAR hitting 1 million miles this season. I put enjoying in quotes because i had hoped to never see whiny Rachel’s (green team) face again.

I was a little confused at the end, when Phil told the teams they were still racing, but the last team to check in still was eliminated. Seems like it was to accommodate a long flight. Loved the steel drums and the goats. The fish must have been incredibly frustrating!

RE: the ending, I am assuming that next week’s episode will begin will all 10 teams hanging out at the airport waiting for their flights.

I was IN right at the beginning when they showed some flashbacks of past shows - almost choked me up!

Great first episode. Action packed. OMG, when the first place team female slid across that mat with the goat! (Phil had to yell out “let go” with each couple - why did they not just tell them they could let go when they crossed the line!? Phil looked so stressed worrying about them! )

I also thought maybe no one would get eliminated this first round.

It seemed like they hadn’t considered that the map would be more slippery than the turf and be a hazard if the goats kept pulling. Yes, Phil’s voice sounded very concerned.

I enjoyed the first episode. Glad it is back!! It usually takes a few weeks for me to figure out who the teams are and who I am rooting for.

Gosh, I’ve missed this show.

I’m pretty sure the clue said you had to hang on until you crossed the line, but I’m sure they were playing it safe. The woman on the first place team really whacked her head on the “mat” - I bet she could have whiplash or a concussion!

^^^ so then I think the confusion was “where’s the line?” - because the first line was quite a ways back from the mat. I can still see that woman wiping out across that mat!!!

So happy Amazing Race is back! I didn’t even realize that it had been so long since last season. However, I have switched to Hulu TV, cut the cable cord. It supposedly provides ‘recording’ of shows. Unfortunately, when I go to watch a show that is on my list to ‘record’ it reverts back to CBS On Demand or whatever. I cannot fast forward through commercials. This is really irking me. I am pissed