Amazing Race 2022

oh. HUGE VBALL fan here (NOT TX!) but we do remember Destiny Hooker!!

and big amazing race fan. I’ll have to catch up.

One of the funniest things is ds1 played against a trivia team here called Manifest Destinee Hooker. :rofl:

1 Like I was glad to see I can still watch it there the next day - I hook my laptop up to our largest screen tv because the scenery can be beautiful. With it on at 10 pm I probably wouldn’t be watching this season live even if I could.

How did they handle elimination?

So far I like the contestants this season. I don’t have a favorite although the twins’ story is amazing, not just that they found out about each other after 36 years but that they’re now on a reality competition show. My least favorite is probably the football coach. I like the overall diversity and everyone seems so upbeat and positive, making me think there will be drama as they get tired and cranky. The scramble was ok and I can see how it works from the competition point of view not knowing if you’re the last team because you can’t judge by when everyone else arrives. I think an occasional leg like that will be good. I was surprised at the no non-elimination legs since I think they’ve been around since the beginning(?). But I think it will be interesting to see how that plays out also.


The last team from each group was eliminated

Always so easy to get back into this show!

Yes, I want to do that water ride at the beginning.

So odd not to have them start in the States.

I don’t know if I loved that they could choose when to do the 3 tasks. I hope this is not an all season thing.

PHIL STILL LOOKS GREAT!!! :slight_smile: <3

I will only be able to take so much of the motivational speaker couple….

And I can’t really SEE anymore after the GLARING white of the football coaches teeth - what was up with his teeth?!!!

Congrats to Derick and Claire - happy to see them start out with a win.


Finally watched. Liked a lot of the teams. Not a fan of the scramble. Or Rex Ryan.

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@abasket Those teeth!

Reminded me of the Friends episode when Ross whitened his teeth.


I want the twins to be around for a long time. It brings up so many feelings, dividing twins.

For years, my son dated a Korean gal. When the parents went to Korea, there was a sign, “Please don’t separate my girls”. The parents took both girls. Typical, a few years later, they had a biological child. They raised these girls to bring out their best, e.g., sent one to a private HS to meet her needs. As a result, one is an MD, another a PhD., now professor; both went to the best of the best in their fields. Incredible women, fantastic parents.


i love that story :blue_heart: thanks for sharing
i was sitting here thinking how fun it would be to have an identical twin to myself; and that led to me to think if my brother (adopted in late 60s in a very closed adoption) might have any bio siblings . ?? i dont think he’s ever looked; but perhaps i’ll ask him about this.

yes, the teeth are distracting; and so is the motivational speaker’s hair! but i enjoyed the first episode. Can’t wait for more. this used to be a family favorite where we would all watch it together years back.

**in fact, we bought the first season dvd set and watched it while road tripping one time years back. so many kinks that first season and the teams ended up days behind each other at the end as they were on their own for flights.


I finally watched it tonight. The teams look interesting. Those teeth though :slight_smile: Reminds me of that dentist couple a few years back.

I think it’s great the show is still around. I moved to the US the week the first season started, happened on it by accident and have watched every season so far (even the family/team one, which was quite a bust)

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At a different time tonight! 8:30 Central

930 ET/PT And 90 minutes long

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What’s that folded paper thing they had in the car?


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34 seasons in, and there are still teams that don’t read the clues. :roll_eyes:

Fun episode. Those challenges would have been tough for me. I just love watching the twins. I tear up every time they are on. I hope they last awhile. I kind of suspected someone would mess us with the hat since they kept showing everyone read that part.


Ditto RE: the twins, I find their story compelling.

Spoiler alert-----------------

Happy to see Rex Ryan and his buddy go—never like when they have celebrity contestants. Thought Phil was going to cry over their elimination!

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@MADad instead of placing the dashes, you can hide something if you highlight your text and then choose the gear icon to hide it. For example:


Dom forgets her hat and has to go back to find it.

I don’t want any spoilers on this thread, please. I closed my eyes and scrolled quickly past the other post. Can you delete it, @MADad ?

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