Amazing Race 2022


CBS Sunday Morning featured a “behind the scenes” look at TAR yesterday.

and yes, I will be watching the new season.


Thanks for that

Ooh - didn’t know it was starting this week. We’ll be watching…

Me! I haven’t watched or read any of the publicity because I want to meet the racers in the first episode. We don’t have CBS on any streaming service, though, so hopefully I can still watch online after 24 hours and not a week like some shows.

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In a reality show cross over, I just know that one of the couples met on another reality show, Big Brother.


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Not spoilers (I would NEVER post them!) but this article interviews Phil and he mentions a few format changes - interesting but not life changing. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I did not realize they were a couple.

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He’s making the reality show rounds!! (was on The Challenge this season as well). I do really enjoy him.

I read that. It’s not a show I watch.

I enjoyed him on BB, although TBH, I had to look up who she was.

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So it’s funny that you say one of the couples met on Big Brother. My college roommates SIL is a producer on both the Amazing Race and Big Brother.

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Is anyone watching? This is my first time, so had some questions. Are cell phones not allowed? Are they allowed to ask anyone for help? Is anyone else concerned about driving fast in unfamiliar cities? I thought the rafting looked like a lot of fun. I tried to find out where it was located before my trip to Munich last month, but couldn’t find it online. I did end up seeing that raft on a stream that ran through Munich’s large city park.

Amazing Race rules are that they must drive the speed limit
They are not allowed cell phones
They are allowed to ask people for help. Sometimes they get correct information, sometimes they don’t. Last night it appeared that there were lots of people who spoke English around to help. Usually there is a language barrier. Last season, some contestants said that there was a significant delay if they asked for directions. I don’t know if it was legal paperwork or COVID testing that caused the delay.

Edit: Re-reading the Parade article above, Phil comments that, “the show will still conduct a strict testing regime for cast, crew, and locals that the racers come into contact with, something worked to perfection over the course of season 33” The testing of locals is probably what takes so long if they spontaneously stop to ask for directions.

I noticed that they showed a lot more of the camera crew last night. I wonder if that will continue this season.

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No, but they can ask a local to look something up.

Yes, unless the clue specified otherwise. And by help, I assume you mean ask for directions; they can’t ask someone to do the challenge

The have to obey local laws

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I watched maybe half and then fell asleep. I was up early yesterday and it wasn’t on til 10. I will have to rewatch. The first few episodes are always hard for me because of all the new teams and getting used to who is who. With the scramble this year it seemed even more chaotic. So excited it is back!!

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I agree that the scramble made it difficult to follow but I liked that the contestants didn’t know where they were in the pack. At the end, however, the first couple of teams seemed to know they were first and the last teams seemed to know they were last.

The Parade article above helped. I wanted to see more of the twins. I assume, based on Phil’s comments, that we will.

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I missed it as I was watching Horns volleyball. Totally worth it! Hook 'em!

I’ll try to catch it today. Anyone know where I can find it?

My Rule #1 - if you’re on the race and you have long hair, please secure it! More than once I saw long hair getting in the way…once I was sure it was going to caught under a rolling barrel or stuck in a saw blade!

My Rule #2 - work together! In, out. Up, down. Left, right. You, me.

This episode was too short for 3 challenges and so many teams.

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I miss the 2 hour premieres for this reason.

TAR Australia did something new this year; they split the group into 2 groups, each not knowing the other existed since they flew out of different cities (Sydney and Melbourne). One group did the tasks the first episode, and the other the second episode, before all coming together in the 3rd episode. So the viewers could get to know the teams a bit better.

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