American University Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

American University offers Early Decision but does not offer Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Fall 2022 admission Early Decision (EDI) deadline for American University is November 15.

The Fall 2022 admission Early Decision (EDII) deadline for American University is January 15.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 31. All ED2 applications should receive an admissions decision by April 15. Last year, American University admitted 791 of the 974 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 81.21%.

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Any idea when they usually announce EDI? The end of December sounds very late. They seem radio silent now, versus other schools with more communication as the ED and EA decisions are beginning. Is that typical for them as a school or should it be read as they are “just not that into you” type vibe?

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According to College Kickstart, the published release date for this year is 12/31, and the actual notification date for last year was 12/17 at 4 p.m. So perhaps you have another week or less? My D22 applied RD to American. Best of luck to you. I believe you are the DePaul thread with me?


Does American have separate undergraduate
admission process for school of public affairs

Hi -
My daughter got her decision today and she got into SIS with $8,000 per year Dean’s scholarship.

GPA - 3.69(U), 4.657(W), top 21%, 9 APs, 3 varsity sports, tons of leadership and extra curricular activities, fluent in French, white female from SC.

Did anyone else get their ED decision? We would love to connect with other Fall 22 freshmen.


Hello there! My daughter also got in to SIS, we live in London. She is so excited as AU was her first choice. Let’s connect the girls!

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Wonderful! Congratulations! We lived overseas for 16 years so my daughter will be thrilled to have international friends again. How do we connect privately?

My S22 accepted yesterday into SIS. He’s been in the online accepted student group, ratio is more girls than boys in the chat and kids from all over the US and abroad. Dean’s Scholarship. He’s very happy, the school isn’t as warm and fuzzy as many other schools we visited and he applied to, but supposed to be a great IS program and in DC.


Congratulations to him!

Congratulations to your son! Where is the chat that you mention? Thanks.

We haven’t heard yet. Was only early decision released? My son is 4.5 gpa, 34 ACT and 6 AP’s along with tons of leadership.

They only have ED and RD, and yes, ED was yesterday. Good luck, he should be fine with those stats but I know it is never a sure thing.

The school info had a link for the kids to an official accepted group on ‘patio’ but I think they all migrated to IG or another teen platform.

Congrats to your son and everyone on here! My son also got accepted to AU the other day as a Dean’s Scholar. He will study in the School of Public Affairs - CLEG major. We are from MD. I know he’d love to connect with his peers, too. So happy for our kids!


ED2 is coming out at 4pm ET on Friday February 11

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Hi @Heather_Katz Would you mind sharing a quick snapshot of your son’s stats? My D is applying regular decision to CLEG. She is super anxious as AU is in her top 2 choices.

Hi. I am trying to gage whether ED is a good option for my 2023 daughter. I see an $8000 merit scholarship but, I am wondering how close that is to meeting your demonstrated Financial Need based on FAFSA? (I know that American is a Profile school).