American University Fall 2022 Waitlist

Anyone here on the waitlist for AU Class of 2026?

International Relations major applying to SIS here

Just looking to see if anyone has heard back yet or if anyone knows when those waitlisted are typically contacted.

Good luck to everyone waitlisted :pray:


Hi! I also was waitlisted for International Studies, though I haven’t heard anything back yet. I am not sure when decisions will be released, hopefully soon…

has anyone gotten any updates?

i haven’t heard back yet. i applied as an economics major. let me know when you hear back!

yes! i called yesterday and they basically said that you could try contacting your admissions counselor for more info but that i guess we’ll just have to wait and see

nice! did they tell you any information as to when we could hear from them about the waitlist? or if their waitlist is already complete?

No, it seems like the admission office didn’t really know. I would like to know that as well since everything seems pretty vague

i wish they would communicate a bit better. it feels like everything is so hush-hush. i check my portal like everyday, hoping for some type of update, but nothing. have you already committed to a school yet?

yes i have, but i am still kind of waiting on AU. I want to call, i just need to kind of know if there is a possibility of a decision soon, if they don’t plan on accepting people from the waitlist or are still unsure then at least we can know that.

same here. American was my first choice, but i committed with a different school recently. fingers crossed!!

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they sent out an email with an update saying they accepted people but they well continue to see if they have space basically