Any Californians at Rose-Hulman?

Are there any Californians at Rose-Hulman who can share a bit about your experience there so far? I was accepted EA/MechE; great FA, and I am from the Bay Area (SF) and would like to come back to the West Coast after I graduate for work (unless I head off to Grad School). Are the Career Fairs mostly focused on Mid-West companies? Are there any West Coast representation at the fairs? If any RHIT alums are in the Bay Area, would love to hear about your experience getting work out here in the SFBayArea. Thanks so much.

Someone asked a similar question on the Rose-Hulman subreddit. I don’t think I can post a link to it on CC, but here are some comments from there.

(1) California is well represented at Rose. I know quite a lot of people from there. Most recruiting companies are from the Midwest, but a lot of big companies at rose have locations in California.
(2) A ton of the graduating CS majors are going to Microsoft, so there are definitely positions on the west coast hiring Rose grads.
(3) I graduated in 2009 and moved to the bay area in 2013. There are a fair number of Rose grads out here but the brand recognition is not strong. When I was at rose there weren’t many recruiters from here than I was aware in my field (EE), but computer science is likely better off.

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