Anybody self-studying Calc BC while taking AB (2012-2013)?

<p>My school doesn't offer a Calculus BC course (in fact, we barely even have a Calc AB course; there are only maybe 5 people in our class next year and our teacher had to fight to keep it from getting relegated to an independent online class!) and I consider myself a strong math student, so I plan on self-studying Calculus BC while taking Calculus AB. Anybody in the same boat as me?</p>

<p>I took BC as a separate course, so I’m not in the same boat. However I know someone who took Calc BC at the same time she took multi-variable calculus, which is quite doable.</p>

<p>The problem with self-studying BC at the same time as AB is that much of the BC-only material assumes your knowledge of derivatives, integrals, limits, so you would have to pick up BC only after you learn these things. There are, however, some BC topics that you can learn ahead of time, e.g. sequences, series, convergence/divergence of series.</p>