Anyone following Wofford EA, ED, Scholars activity?

Only see discussions from last year, so curious if anyone is watching.

My son was Wofford scholar and applied EA. He got his acceptance and merit scholarship letter in the middle of December.

Thanks for responding…not much activity for this school! My daughter got her letter, too …enjoyed the visit in November. Congrats! I see your name 86grad …I graduated college in 86. You?

@onemoremom12 yes that’s when I graduated. Has your D decided to go to Wofford? My S is probably not going there. He liked the campus and people but I think ultimately Wofford has two strikes. It is too small for him and he is going to major in CS. He did his due diligence in investigating a STEM degree in a Liberal Arts college, but doesn’t think it is a good fit for him. But they did offer a very nice financial package, which is why he hasn’t completely eliminated them yet.

No decision yet. She was surprised at how much she liked the smaller school and thinks there are some great faculty in her interest area. She was invited for next scholar weekend to try for additional scholarship $$ so that obviously plays in. We will definitely be trying to get a good feel for campus size. Good for your son for doing diligence! It’s kinda a crazy process and so important to balance the money with finding the right match. Best of luck to him!

Same to you and your daughter. Hopefully she will get additional money. What major is she considering?

Economics, primarily. Just trying to have fun with the ride! ?

Do EA decisions typically come out on the announced decision date?

@momofboys99 I don’t know the answer for that, but it seems like if universities give specific dates, they really stick to it.